Designated Survivor Ends Fall Run With a Bang: Will You Return When It Does?

Designated Survivor Recap Kirkman Shot

As foretold by Maggie Q, Designated Survivor‘s FBI Agent Hannah Wells entered “full Jack Bauer” mode this Wednesday in the ABC freshman’s fall finale.

For one, Hannah not only survived last week’s purposeful Michael Vaughn-ing, she immediately thereafter fended off the not-so-friendly bystander who came to her aide (by trying to choke her). Slamming the pedal to the metal, she knocked away the assailant, crashed her car anew, and then ushered her blood-gushing self out of the vehicle and down the street into an alleyway, while her attacker called into his boss with the bad news.

Hannah and her gnarly abdominal wound then got to colleague Chuck’s (sprawling, amiright?) apartment. Using YouTube, the computer wonk managed to bandage sleeping Hannah up nicely, and then set out to reverse-track the last phone call she got from her mystery tipster. That led Hannah to a convenience store managed by a conveniently computer-proficient clerk, who helped her ID the buyer of the burner that’s been ringing her. Hannah in turn tracked down the caller’s remote cabin, where she found…  dead President Richmond’s also-dead chief of staff, Charlie Langdon?!

Before Langdon can utter anything more than cryptic warnings about Hannah digging into something wayyyyyyyyy huge, a shot rings out from the woods. Hannah manages to gun down the shooter, while Langdon flees. A card key found on the shooter points to a room in an office building that faces the Capitol steps location of Congressman MacLeish’s imminent swearing-in ceremony.

Now, Hannah surely can just call into any number of law enforcement agencies her firm suspicion about an assassination attempt, right? No, because….

As MacLeish planted in POTUS ear last week, the White House has been led to believe that Agent Wells has a “personal” obsession with the VP candidate. And her disappearance from the scene of a suspicious car accident isn’t helping matters. Nor is the eventual spotting of her fleeing a remote cabin, where an unidentified man was gunned down. Add in the fact that, as her FBI file reveals, she was (gasp) dating a (double-gasp) married senator, and she is easily written off as loco. Kirkman, though, wants to give Wells the benefit of a doubt, seeing as she apparently was looking into the Capitol blueprints long before Kirkman got the mysterious file demonstrating how to level the landmark. Plus, Wells allegedly had intel that prompted Kimble to hold up the vote on MacLeish. But as Secret Service agent Mike argues, better to “overreact and be wrong than underestimate [Wells] and live to regret it.”

Amid all the above, Chronicle reporter Lisa chided Seth for blowing her off in the briefing room, and then later blindsided him there with a Q about Majid Nassar’s killer being in custody. To that, Kirkman tells Seth to promise Lisa the exclusive (on Atwood’s confession), if she waits a bit longer. Also, Emily and Aaron shared a kiss, only for her to soon afterward learn that he may have been involved in getting the Capitol explosion demo into the hands of terrorists.

Anyways, with Hannah unable or unwilling to bring anyone else into the loop, she sped to the Capitol, where she was able to abandon her car close enough that she was just a few footsteps away from the crowd. She looked up at the office building facing the steps, spotted the shooter in an open window, and fired off her own shot with a handgun — striking the window sill and seemingly averting his aim as the trigger got squeezed.

Was Kirkman in fact the target? or someone else? And will anyone have gotten shot, when the series resumes its full season on [TBA] March 8? Or will there be no trace of the assassination attempt, further fueling the fallacy of “Crazy Agent Wells”?

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