Teen Wolf Recap: Next Stop, Stiles!

Teen Wolf Recap

Oh, how I’ve missed seeing Stiles’ face on Teen Wolf.

Tuesday’s episode (finally) transported viewers to the Ghost Riders’ domain, a nightmarish train station packed to the brim with their confused, directionless victims — including the always confused and directionless Peter Hale!

Though Peter initially wanted nothing to do with Stiles — to be fair, has he ever played well with others? — he eventually agreed to team up and find a way back to reality. (Side note: How amazing was Peter’s “It had to be you” line. I know he didn’t mean it like that, but it was still amazing.)

After witnessing firsthand that a mere human could never survive a trip through the portal (R.I.P., what’s-his-name!), Peter convinced Stiles to provide a distraction while he piggybacked atop one of the Riders. And who discovered Peter’s charred, burning body in the woods? Why, none other than Scott and Malia, who were also thrilled to discover that her absentee father held the keys to Stiles’ Jeep!

Speaking of the Jeep, Stiles and Lydia dropped $150 — which is a lot for unemployed high school students, mind you — to keep Roscoe from being towed, but when Lydia went to the Stilinskis with questions about the car’s past, they were slightly less than receptive. (At least the sheriff appeared slightly more open-minded, fueling my theory that Claudia doesn’t want them to remember her son.)

Unfortunately for Claudia, not only did Scott’s pack remember Stiles, but they spoke with him through Roscoe’s CB radio! (Lydia even remembered Stiles’ breathy “I love you” speech, which I’m hoping they address once he finally returns.) Now, they have their marching orders: “Find Canaan!”

Time for you to weigh in: Did you miss the B-team this week? Are you on board with my Claudia theory? And I’m not crazy for calling this the best episode of the season, right? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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