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2016 in Review: The 20 Scenes We Desperately Wish We Could Unsee

Worst TV Moments 2016

There’s must-see TV, and there’s must-scrub-from-your-memory TV. The moments in this list, somehow, fall under both categories.

The truth is, some of our favorite shows in 2016 were also responsible for sullying our brains with some of the grossest, weirdest and all-around most uncomfortable moments in recent memory.

Do we wish we never saw poor Vanessa being force-fed on Penny Dreadful? Yes. Do we wish we never saw Sheila give Gerald a golden shower on South Park? Absolutely. Would we go back in time and stop Jimmy Fallon from playing with Donald Trump’s hair? You betcha! 

But in the interest of year-end retrospectives, we’re giving these gross-out moments one more look.

So browse our gallery of the 2016 TV moments we wish we could unsee — click here for direct access — then drop a comment with the moments you’ll never be able to forget (for worse or… even worse.)

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