Fuller House Season 2 Finale: Which New Year's Twist Surprised You Most?

Fuller House wrapped its (far superior) second season with a New Year’s Eve celebration, a doomed engagement, and a new beginning for two old favorites.

OK, now that we’re past the jump, I can stop being so cryptic. Here’s a rundown of the finale’s major events:

* Because the characters on this show are contractually obligated to resist all logical impulses, Steve asked D.J. if he could propose to C.J. at her New Year’s Eve party. But when C.J. overheard Steve practicing his big speech, she misunderstood the situation — or did she? — and stormed out, only to be stopped (and proposed to) by D.J. herself. … And despite the bride-to-be’s tears of joy, I think we can all agree that Steve and D.J.’s lingering looks said it all: This wedding ain’t happening, folks.

* Following Jesse and Becky’s big Thanksgiving announcement (we’re adopting a baby!), TV’s hottest couple — along with Danny and Joey — returned to San Francisco to complete the process. It turned out all right in the end, with the Katsopoli adopting an adorable baby girl named Pamela (after the girls’ mom!), but things got real ugly when it came time to pick a Godfather: Danny admitted he never liked “Forever,” Jesse confirmed his personal hatred for Mr. Woodchuck, and Joey alleged (accurately) that people only watch Danny’s morning show to see Becky. Honestly, this all could have been avoided if Jesse had picked Danny — you know, the guy who let him and his family live in his house for years — to be the Godfather. But again, this relates back to that whole “logical impulses” thing.

* Stephanie started to think about her own future after Jimmy talked about wanting to have kids, leading to a really nice conversation between Steph and Becky about the joys of adoption. I have to say, I’m really liking the Steph-Jimmy relationship… even if 3–4 months into a relationship is way too soon to be talking about babies.

OK, time to weigh in with your thoughts on the finale: Is Steve’s wedding doomed? Should Jesse have chosen Danny as the Godfather from the start? And how much do we all love Steph and Jimmy? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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