When Will Your Favorite Shows Return From the Holidays? Save These Dates!

TV Schedule Calendar

That nip in the air and the festive decorations going up at Cloud 9 can only mean one thing: Your favorite TV shows are packing up for a holiday vacation, if they haven’t already sneaked off.

When will The Flash resume facing lady love Iris’ uncertain future? When will Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex decide “to plea, or not to plea”? For how long will Once Upon a Time leave Emma and Regina stranded? Which five dramas will have actually wrapped their seasons by the time we bellow “Auld Lang Syne”?

To help you calibrate your expectations over the winter break, TVLine has compiled a truly handy list of double-secret officially confirmed fall/winter/midseason finale and 2017 return dates for dozens upon dozens of scripted returning network series (plus The Walking Dead and The Mindy Project, because). Fox ‘toons are not listed, though, at least not yet.

As always, TVLine is a famously interactive experience — “With raindrops we can fill buckets!” — so if you have any questions, politely holler. Just remember, R.I.F.: This is about 1) currently airing or returning 2) scripted 3) network series. This is not the series premiere calendar you are looking for.

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