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Fuller House Boss Defends D.J.'s Choice in Season 2: 'They're a Fun, Hot Couple'

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We’re honestly not sure which surprised us more: D.J.’s choice between Matt and Steve in Fuller House‘s second season, or the fact that she was actually able to make a decision at all.

As you’ll recall, Season 1 ended with D.J. kicking both guys to the curb, and Season 2 only complicated the triangle further by adding two new girlfriends to the mix. So you can understand my shock that she actually reached a decision — especially so early in the new season.

But… why Matt?

“Matt has become [D.J.’s] business partner, they’re both veterinarians and they have a lot in common,” series creator Jeff Franklin tells TVLine. “I think they have great chemistry together, the way their personalities mesh. I also think they have a physical attraction to each other — they’re a fun, hot couple.”

But that’s not to say D.J.’s feelings for Steve are gone completely. Not by a long shot, my friends.

“This storyline has lots of twists and turns yet to come, so we don’t think it’s over over,” Franklin says of the love triangle. “I think fate has stepped in and pulled D.J. in one direction, but there’s also a lot of interesting things about her relationship with Steve. I’m not sure that’s completely over.”

Franklin adds, “We love both of the characters and both of the actors. I saw a lot of online polls where it was really split down the middle; there wasn’t a clear winner among the fans. … Hopefully we have lots of seasons to explore that.”

How do you feel about D.J. choosing Matt over Steve? Watch a (spoiler-y!) interview with the cast below, then vote for your suitor of choice.

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