Fuller House Season 2 Premiere Recap: Grade the Tanners' Revealing Return

Look who’s back… again!

During the wee hours of the morning on Friday, all manner of Fullers, Tanners, Gibblers, Katsopoli and Gladstones descended upon Netflix for a second season of family friendly shenanigans on Fuller House.

It’s a collection of episodes focused on the holidays — get excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving in December! — but there were no decorations to be found in the season opener. Set before the start of a new school year, the Season 2 premiere found the House‘s residents in a state of flux.

Speaking of residents, Kimmy’s ex-husband main squeeze Fernando is now living under the same roof as his family. (Come to think of it, that’s probably what series creator Jeff Franklin was hinting at when he told TVLine that “Fernando becomes much more of a fixture in the house this season.” Duh!) Naturally, Donna Jo wasn’t thrilled about this.

In other relationship news, D.J. received back-to-back surprises when Matt and Steve — also known as the suckas she rejected in the Season 1 finale — introduced her to their new girlfriends, including a freakish D.J. look-alike named… C.J.! (I mean, what else would her name be, right?)

And then there’s Stephanie, who (literally) made sweet music with Kimmy’s younger brother, Jimmy.

We’ll have lots more Fuller House coverage later today — and throughout the weekend — but for now, watch our (spoiler-y!) interview with the cast below and grade the season premiere.

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