Fuller House Boss Talks Matt vs. Steve, Stephanie's Gibbler Love, Michelle's Mention and More Season 2 Scoop

Fuller House Season 2 Spoilers

The second season of Netflix’s Fuller House arrives in less than 24 hours, which means the clock is ticking for D.J. to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Though Candace Cameron Bure’s character ended Season 1 by rejecting both of her suitors — Steve (Scott Weinger) and Matt (John Brotherton) — she does end up with one of them by midseason. And although series creator Jeff Franklin won’t reveal which guy wins D.J.’s heart, he admits that the writers were as divided as the fans.

“We were really torn amongst the creative staff,” Franklin tells TVLine. “I think it’s a great problem to have — you’ve got two really interesting guys pulling D.J. in two very different directions. It’s a fun thing to explore.”

Also on tap for Season 2…

* Stephanie and Jimmy (aka Kimmy’s brother) are an “odd couple,” Franklin admits, “but their relationship works. They have this baffling physical attraction that starts from the first moment they see each other. But Jimmy is a Gibbler — he’s not a genius by any means, but he’s unique and interesting and really sweet. Stephanie’s had a lot of unhappy relationships, and this guy is really a genuine sweetheart.”

* Kimmy and Fernando “found their way back to each other” in Season 1, Franklin explains. “Now, they get to rediscover what they love about each other. Fernando continues to work to earn Kimmy’s trust and respect, which leads to a fun journey for them. Fernando becomes much more of a fixture in the house this season.”

* Stephanie’s infertility, a surprising Season 1 revelation, is brought up again this year. “I think it will continue to be a big part of Stephanie’s evolution as a character,” Franklin says. “We’re definitely not going to drop it and pretend it didn’t happen.”

* Jimmy might not be the only Gibbler fans will meet as the series continues. “We intentionally never saw them on Full House,” Franklin says. “We thought it was more fun to keep them as an off-screen joke, so we could tell wild stories about them without actually meeting them. … We haven’t been picked up for Season 3 yet, so I haven’t done too much thinking about the future, but it would be fun to meet another Gibbler or two down the line.”

* Lastly, the Olsen Twins (aka “Michelle”) get another memorable shout-out in Season 2 — but we’ll have more on that tomorrow.

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