Teen Wolf Recap: Jeep-ers Creepers

Teen Wolf Recap

Tuesday’s Teen Wolf was basically just one hour-long fail for Scott, his pack, their parents — and anyone else who doesn’t identify as a Ghost Rider.

To be fair, neither failures were technically their fault. They never stood a chance at protecting last week’s partygoers from the Ghost Riders for a few reasons: (1) They’re just too damn strong, and (2) none of the teens under the pack’s protection were being very cooperative — especially Malia’s no-good sidepiece. What was his name again? (Honestly, Argent’s a scary bearded dude with a gun. If he tells you not to touch anything, you don’t. Touch. Anything.)

Failure No. 2 fell on Lydia’s shoulders — though, again, the events were pretty far beyond her control. Tasked with finding one of Stiles’ relics, anything he may have left behind as proof of his existence, Lydia was granted access to the Stilinski residence. But the second she started ripping off wallpaper in the living room, per the suggestion of another ghostly guide, Mama Stilinski revoked that access. (In other news, I’m officially going all in on my theory that Stiles’ mom is somehow working with the Ghost Riders to keep the pack from remembering her son. Like, I get that you wouldn’t want someone ripping up your wallpaper, but that reaction was suspicious.)

Speaking of suspicious findings, Melissa gave Lydia and her mom — who’s practically a member of the pack now, which I love — access to Claudia’s medical files. They revealed that, although Claudia apparently never had a child, she has been suffering from dementia for the past 10 years; Melissa even noted that it’s a “miracle” she’s even alive. (Yeah, more like a nightmare.)

Anyway, the pack may feel defeated — Scott even strongly suggested that they might be mistaken about Stiles’ existence, after all — but the episode’s final moment revealed just how wrong they are. Stiles did leave a relic behind in the school parking lot… a Jeep that goes by the name Roscoe.

Other thoughts about this episode…

* I know I said this last week, but I’m really digging the chemistry between Papa Argent and Mama McCall. I used to hope she’d end up with Sheriff Stilinski, but now I realize that the obvious pairing of Allison’s dad and Scott’s mom has been staring us in the face this whole time.

* Speaking of relationships I love, Argent and Malia’s father-daughter situation is also pretty adorable. They might understand each other better than anyone else.

* I know that slow-motion shot of Corey, Mason, Liam and Hayden heading into the night was supposed to trigger feelings of Teen Wolf: The Next Generation, but I’m not sure I’m there yet. Or maybe I’m forgetting how inexperienced Scott & Co. were when the series first started. (Please join me in the comment section to hash this out, won’t you?)

* So, is Parrish the key to stopping all of this? Again? The gang should really start going to him first from now on.

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