Scream Queens' Third Killer Revealed!

Scream Queens Recap

Tuesday’s Scream Queens revealed the answer to a question literally no one asked: How’s Grace doing?

You remember Grace, right? From Season 1? Well, it turns out she’s doing swimmingly at Stanford, where she’s currently pursuing her master’s degree in… something. Her relationship with her dad, on the other hand, could use some work — a fact we learned, among other gross things, when he checked himself into the C.U.R.E. Institute.

Since last we saw Wes Gardner, he’s kept busy with a full schedule of growing a beard, sleeping with Dean Munsch, and writing a wildly unsuccessful book about the history of quarters. Oh, he also started eating his own hair, resulting in a giant fur ball that needed to be surgically removed.

And here’s the kicker: During a late-night garbage run, Chamberlain accidentally opened the bag containing Wes’ fur ball and discovered — wait for it — a piece of the Green Meanie costume! His fears were confirmed when a follow-up visit to Wes’ apartment resulted in his own death by stabbing. (R.I.P.!)

Fortunately for the audience, Wes laid out his entire evil scheme before shanking the Institute’s best candy striper: It turns out Grace is actually at Stanford Mental Asylym, a direct result of everything the Chanels put her through back in Season 1. Like any good father, Wes decided to piggyback off the Green Meanie, murder the Chanels and blame it on one of the other costumed killers. (Ladies and gentlemen, with just two episodes left, this season has finally gotten interesting.)

Elsewhere this week…

* In order to help bridge Chanel and Dr. Holt’s relationship-crippling age gap, Hester proposed (1) that she and the other Chanels educate their leader on Brock’s generation, and (2) that they host an elaborate dinner party to show how much she’s learned. Unsurprisingly, the plan blew up in the girls’ collective face, as they greatly overestimated Brock’s age. (Needless to say, he did not enjoy his World War II-themed party.)

* Detective Zayday did some sniffing around this week, and with the help of a handy-loving costume store owner, she traced the Green Meanie costume back to Jane Hollis (aka Cassidy’s mom). She says her psychotic brother wore it to go on a killing spree on the anniversary of Jane’s husband’s death — then died a year later at the hands of a roller-derby team. And now, poor Zayday is her prisoner.

Were you surprised by Wes’ big secret? Bummed about Chamberlain’s death? Jealous the Chanels didn’t invite you to their throwback party? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

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