Supernatural Boss: Negan Has Not Killed a John Winchester Comeback

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Turns out The Walking Dead’s Negan can’t whack everything in his path.

Supernatural exec producer Andrew Dabb tells TVLine that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s relatively new status as one of TV’s biggest evildoers ever does not preclude his potential return as Sam and Dean’s pa, John Winchester.

“I don’t really worry about that because by the time he comes back, I’m sure [Supernatural] will have been on for 20 seasons at that point, and The Walking Dead will be long over,” he says with a laugh before noting that “Jeffrey’s an amazing actor… He plays such a great bad guy. But at the same time… if you give him really good material, he can go back to being someone we know and love and someone we can empathize with.

“I have full faith in him as an actor,” the EP adds, “and I’m excited to see [him return as John] if it ever comes to pass.”

Should you need a reminder that, in addition to a bat-wielding menace, Morgan can also play “a caring, loving father,” Dabb suggests you go back and rewatch Supernatural’s  Season 2 premiere, in which John “sacrifices his life” to save Dean. However, Dabb is quick to point out that John also has some darkness in him — although it’s hardly Negan-level dark. “John would not win Father of the Year,” he notes. “He was a guy who was haunted by his own demons.” (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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