Gilmore Girls Revival: [Spoiler] Was Originally a 'Much Bigger Deal'

Gilmore Girls Revival Wedding

The following story contains a major spoiler from the “Fall” chapter of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Proceed with caution.

Turns out the anticipated wedding between Lorelai and Luke in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life went off with a hitch — and a pretty big one at that. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino reveals exclusively to TVLine that budget constraints forced her and fellow EP Daniel Palladino to scrap their Plan A (a big, over-the-top extravaganza) and come up with a Plan B (the decidedly scaled down — but no less magical — Plan B that viewers experienced.)

“The wedding was originally a much bigger deal,” Sherman-Palladino explains. “The wedding was a whole shebang. And then they took money away from us. Anything that has extras in it and costumes became a production nightmare. So we had to figure out how to make this wedding satisfying without doing ‘The Big Wedding.'” 

In “a weird way,” AS-P continues, the “intimate” wedding “was better,” adding, “You can bitch and moan about monetary and budget restrictions, but sometimes working in a tight frame forces you to do things that you wouldn’t normally have done that wind up actually being dramatically better. In paring all of the bells and whistles away, we get down to the crux of really what it is: It’s Luke, Lorelai and Rory. And that made it intimate and gave it more feeling.”

AS-P is quick to note that the wedding itself was never in jeopardy. “We knew we had to do a wedding,” she says. “We knew we had to get them married. There was no way we were getting out of this without getting them married. The fans have waited too long.”

For more scoop on Team Palladino’s original wedding plans, keep your eyes peeled for an all-new Ask Ausiello later this week.