Power Rangers Movie Offers First Look at Alpha's Drastic Makeover

Power Rangers Movie Alpha

The latest reveal from Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers movie will likely elicit a few “Ay yi yi”s from longtime fans of the mighty morphin’ franchise.

By now, we’ve accepted that the reboot — hitting theaters on March 24, 2017 — is going to be a gritty departure from the bright, colorful version we watched on TV from 1993 to 1995. That much was clear from the Rangers’ new suits, Elizabeth Banks’ less-hilarious Rita Repulsa costume and, of course, the long-awaited (and super melodramatic) teaser trailer.

So we shouldn’t have been surprised Wednesday when the studio unveiled (via IGN) a first look at Alpha 5, the high-strung robot (voiced by Bill Hader) who assists Zordon (Bryan Cranston) in assembling and directing the Power Rangers. And yet, surprised we were:

Like the Rangers’ new costumes, the movie’s Alpha seems to be more alien-inspired, though we have no doubt he’ll retain his wacky demeanor — thanks largely to Hader bringing Zordon’s short-circuiting sidekick to life.

As one commenter notes, “it’s not like the character of Alpha 5 was going to make or break the movie,” but we’re still curious to hear your thoughts. Take a good long look at both versions of Alpha, then drop a comment with your reaction to his makeover.

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