Teen Wolf Recap: Grandfathered

Teen Wolf Recap

Tuesday’s Teen Wolf added yet another branch to the Stilinski family tree — albeit a mean, abusive one that suffers from dementia and isn’t particularly fond of Malia.

I’m talking, of course, about Stiles’ grandfather Elias, the only lead in Scott’s pack’s attempt to save the friend they’re sort of starting to remember. Despite Sheriff Stilkinsi’s stern warning (“You don’t just talk to this guy!”), Scott, Lydia and Malia totally broke into a nursing home and talked to him.

Scott wasn’t willing to use his claws to plunder for Stiles’ grandpappy’s memories, so the pack settled for Plan B: Lydia gave him a bunch of math homework, which allowed him to focus (I think) and temporarily snap out of his dementia (again, I think). Unfortunately, Sheriff Stilinski rode in just as his father was about to mention Stiles, making the whole trip kind of a bust.

Or so we thought! Grandpa Stiles’ sweet parting words (“Go back to your dead wife and your loser son!”) seemed to strike a chord with the sheriff, who later revealed to Scott that he remembers talking to Claudia about having a baby boy someday — and how that boy would probably go by the nickname “Stiles!”

(Crazy theory alert: Could Stiles’ mom be working with the Ghost Riders somehow? I have to imagine that, just as the Riders erased Stiles from reality, they also placed Claudia back into it — so wouldn’t she have a vested interest in keeping the gang from remembering her son?)

Elsewhere in Beacon Hills…

PARTY MONSTER | With Scott’s A-Team off breaking into nursing homes, it was up to Liam’s B-Team to protect Gwen, a classmate whose sister was taken by the Ghost Riders. And they accomplished this task by… throwing a rager at the McCalls’ while Melissa was at work. (Honestly, has there ever been a crisis on this show that a party couldn’t solve?) Despite an abundant supply of mountain ash — I believe it was a Bring Your Own Mountain Ash party — a pair of Riders managed to crash the festivities. And Corey thought he was being helpful, grabbing a Rider and making him visible to the partygoers, but all that did was make each and every one of them a target.

WEIRD SCIENCE (TEACHER) | We’re starting to learn about Mr. Douglas’ supernatural side, and it turns out there’s a whole lotta ugly underneath that beautiful blond blanket of a man. Not only was he created in a lab, but his diet apparently consists of pineal glands (aka “souls”) from the brains of his victims.

And now, my lingering questions…

* What was up with Lydia’s latest train vision? What did that scary old lady mean when she said, “The following stops have been canceled?”

* Does being a hellhound make Parrish impervious to the Riders’ abilities?

* There’s obviously a connection between Elias, an engineer during the war, and Mr. Douglas, whose background — according to executive producer Jeff Davis — goes “all the way back to World War II,” right?

* Who knew Papa Argent and Mama McCall had such insane chemistry? No question, they’re my new favorite ‘ship.

* Are we any closer to knowing Stiles’ first name than we were last week? Did I miss a new clue?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any answers to my lingering questions? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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