Secrets and Lies Recap: Family Feud

Secrets And Lies Recap

I can understand firing Patrick — but getting him thrown into jail? That’s just throwing salt in his wound.

Then again, Eric had plenty of reasons to feel both salty and wounded on Sunday’s Secrets and Lies, as new details about his brother’s (and sister-in-law’s) wrongdoings came to light. Here’s a rundown of all the new info. we learned this week:

* Melanie allegedly ordered Carly to leave John’s retirement party, according to Neil, which is how he learned that Patrick’s wife was running the best little whorehouse in Texas North Carolina. (Bonus detail: That’s what he and Carly were allegedly discussing in the parking garage when Liam walked by.)

* And Melanie didn’t start at the top, either. She was apparently arrested for solicitation 10 years ago, which seemed to take Patrick by surprise. In fact, he was in such deep denial that he went as far as to accuse Cornell of Photoshopping Melanie’s mugshot. (Bonus revelation: Melanie may have been sleeping with the Warner family lawyer to *ahem* work off their debt.)

* Eric theorized that Melanie and Patrick, a lethal combination of desperate and broke, were the ones blackmailing him via Kate.

* John got lightheaded when Eric showed him the blackmail letter, but was it because of his (possible) cancer… or because he’s the one who sent the letter? (That certainly seems likely, given that Eric’s tracking software lead him straight to dear ol’ dad!)

Are you working on any new theories after Sunday’s episode? (Next week is the two-hour finale, so this is pretty much your last chance to guess who killed Kate.) Drop ’em in a comment below.

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