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Teen Wolf EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Return, Confirms Clue to Stiles' First Name

Teen Wolf Recap

Stiles might have been M.I.A. from Tuesday’s Teen Wolf, but there was no shortage of Stilinskis in Beacon Hills.

This week’s episode featured the surprise return of Stiles’ mother — yes, the same mother who died more than 10 years ago — though it remains anyone’s guess (for now) how she reappeared among the living.

“We really wanted to show what Sheriff Stilinski’s life would be like without Stiles,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “A long time ago, we thought, ‘What if he loses Stiles, but gets something back in return? What if he gets his wife back? What does that mean? Where the f–k did she come from? How is this possible? That’s a big part of the mystery, and we have a lot of fun with it.”

Speaking of mysteries, we’re officially one step closer to learning Stiles’ first name! Davis says the message Lydia received from the other side (“mischief”) has more significance than you might think.

“It’s a clue, it’s a definite clue,” he confirms. “That word was not chosen randomly.”

As for some of this week’s other big events — including Malia’s low-energy hookup with Ross Butler’s character — TVLine will have more intel coming your way later this week.

In the meantime, drop a comment with your thoughts on Tuesday’s episode (and its many twists) below.

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