Scream Queens Recap: The Green Meanie Is Finally Unmasked

Scream Queens Recap

Tuesday’s Scream Queens made good on its promise to reveal the identity of the Green Meanie — but that wasn’t the most surprising part of the hour.

I mean, let’s be honest: Were you really shocked when Dr. Cascade removed his mask at the request of Nurse Hoffel? Zayday is certain the killer is the ’80s baby, and we already knew the baby grew up to be Cassidy, so where’s the twist? (I suppose the entire mystery hasn’t been solved, since Cassidy claimed he didn’t commit the other murders, but to be honest, my interest in the other G.M.’s identity is starting to wane.)

Frankly, I was much more surprised to learn that Kirstie Alley’s character is the sister of the late, great Ms. Bean from Season 1, not to mention the fact that she was so willing to don the Green Meanie mask herself. We were promised big things from Nurse Hoffel, and I feel like Scream Queens is finally making good on that.

Elsewhere this week…

* Munsch attempted to break up Chanel and Dr. Holt by proving that Chanel has every diagnosable STD known to man — including “sexual Ebola” and “vaginal Zika” — but like most plans on this show, it was eventually thwarted. Not only is the couple still going strong, but Brock even told Chanel he could see himself settling for using just one condom with her someday. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

* After deducing that he’s not the ’80s baby, Zayday finally agreed to trust Chamberlain, allowing him to help her unmask the killer. (In other news, is there anything more annoying than watching characters try to solve a mystery you already know the answer to?)

* Hester spent the hour trying to help a patient overcome his self-diagnosed vampirism by — how else? — making him ingest so much blood that he can’t stomach another ounce. The crazy part? It actually kind of worked.

Were you surprised by any of this week’s reveals? Who do you think is the third Green Meanie? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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