Supergirl Recap: Cyborg Superman's Reveal Upstaged by [Spoiler]'s Return

Supergirl Recap

Viewers were promised a one-two punch of surprises on Monday’s Supergirl — and they both hit real close to home for the Girl of Steel.

Let’s start with Cyborg Superman, first teased by The CW earlier this month: He turned out to be none other than Hank Henshaw — the real Hank Henshaw — who apparently survived his infamous scuffle with Jeremiah Danvers. Kara made the unfortunate discovery herself after infiltrating Cadmus to rescue Mon-El, but considering she ended up in the cell next to him, I’d say it just really wasn’t her day.

Lillian Luthor also got a few good shots at Supergirl, all in the name of revenge for Lex, whom she claims was betrayed by Superman. (I guess we all remember things differently, huh?) In her darkest moment, a drained Kara even made Mon-El promise to tell Alex to “live on her own terms,” should she not live long enough to say it herself.

Then came the really big twist, and not a moment too soon: Kara and Mon-El were rescued from their cells by — wait for it — Jeremiah! But don’t expect to see a spot reserved for Papa Danvers at next week’s Thanksgiving table, as he remained at Cadmus to ensure his daughter’s safety.

Elsewhere this week…

* Winn and James’ new nighttime hobby raised all kinds of hell in National City this week, and it only took Winn about five minutes to fold like a napkin and reveal his partner’s identity to Alex. To make matters even more complicated, a second vigilante named Phillip Karnowsky (better known to DC Comics fans as Barrage) entered the picture to sully Guardian’s good name, framing him for murder.

* Alex’s request for Maggie to scale back her pursuit of Guardian quickly devolved into a sniffly confession that her heart remains firmly broken. But they still had to work together, so instead of getting to watch their normal flirty work banter… it was just awkward. Fortunately, Maggie crashed the gang’s little pizza party — during which Mon-El asked if Kara is “latched” to any particular man — to assure Alex that she cares about her. (“I hope that one day you and I could be friends, because I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.”)

* Hank — the fake one this time — confronted M’gann after realizing that she’s actually a White Martian in disguise. I have to admit, I was actually on #TeamMgann for a bit… until she revealed that her blood was turning him into a White Martian, and that it was all part of the White Martians’ plan to rid the world of Greens.

* The final moments of the episode revealed why Cadmus wanted Supergirl’s blood — so Cyborg Superman could enter the Fortress of Solitude to find out about “Medusa.” Dun, dun… huh?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Which surprise was more… surprising? Drop your review in a comment below.

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