Gilmore Girls' Liza Weil Shares Her Recurring Revival 'Nightmare'

tvline_gilmorecountdown_04Paris burns through reams of Team Palladino’s trademark dialogue in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and Liza Weil admits it was a “daunting task” stepping back into her motor-mouthed meanie’s shoes after a 9-year break.

“It’s terrifying,” Paris’ portrayer told me Friday night at the premiere of Netflix’s four-part continuation (which bows this Friday). “I’m a little bit of a Nervous Nellie; I’m a self-critical person. [But] we have an amazing dialogue coach that we had for the last few years on the series and who came back to do the revival. And I can’t tell you enough how much George Bell has saved my hide. I could not have done it without him. I had nightmares and panic attacks about not being able to do it.”

It’s in the revival’s opening chapter, “Winter,” that we learn where Paris’ career has taken her since she graduated from Yale a decade ago. Without getting into specifics (her profession is something of a spoiler), the current How to Get Away With Murder actress admitted she was “impressed” when she first learned of Paris’ line of work, adding, “Amy and Dan came up with the right way to go with Paris.”

Watch my Weil Q&A above and then check back in the coming hours and days for more from Stars Hollow’s elite as TVLine’s “18 Days of Gilmore” scoop countdown continues.