Jon Stewart: Donald Trump Believes a 'Multicultural Democracy Is Impossible'

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart had a chance to weigh in on the outcome of the election Thursday, remarking on President-elect Donald Trump and his promise to make America great again during an interview with CBS This Morning‘s Charlie Rose.

“One of the things that struck me as odd about this election, and maybe I just missed it, but nobody asked Donald Trump what makes America great,” he said. “I think his candidacy has animated the thought that… a multicultural democracy is impossible.”

Stewart voiced his concern for “the people for whom this election will mean more uncertainty and insecurity,” but expressed doubt that the United States was suddenly going to become a “fundamentally different country” under a Trump administration.

“The same country — with all of its grace and flaws and volatility and insecurity and strength and resilience — exists today as it did two weeks ago,” he argued. “The same country that elected Donald Trump elected Barack Obama.”

He also questioned Trump’s allegiance to the Republican party, and the idea that he’s merely a response to those displeased with democrats following eight years under Obama.

“Donald Trump is a reaction not just to Democrats, but to Republicans,” he theorized about the president-elect. “He’s not a Republican. He’s a repudiation of Republicans, but they will reap the benefit of his victory in all of their cynicism.”

Watch Rose’s complete interview with Stewart above, then tell us if you agree with the comedian’s response to Trump’s victory.

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