Gilmore Girls: Amy Sherman-Palladino Still 'Angry' About Ed Hermann's Death

Edward Hermann Gilmore Girls Revival

ggWhen it comes to the death of Edward Hermann, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is still stuck in the irate stage of grief.

“Ed’s death sucked so much,” she laments to me in the following on-camera interview. “I’m still angry about it.”

Sherman-Palladino and the rest of the Gilmore family had an opportunity to work through some of their grief during production of Netflix’s forthcoming revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (out Nov. 25), which finds Emily, Lorelai and Rory mourning the recent passing of Hermann’s alter ego Richard. On the first day of shooting inside Emily and Richard’s newly constructed mansion, “We all just sat there thinking about him,” recalls exec producer Daniel Palladino. “It was an emotional thing.”

And as AS-P explains, the new set ironically would’ve fit Hermann like a glove. “He’s such a tall man and the [old] set was always so small,” she recalls. “And every [season] we kept making the set a little bigger and the ceilings a little higher, because Ed would walk through an archway and it would look like a dollhouse. Every time we got a little bit [more] money, we made things a little bigger.”

For the revival, the house literally scaled new heights. “It was [finally] big enough for Ed,” she sighs. “And he’s [not here].”

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