Arrow Recap: Double Double-Cross — Does the Team Have a Mole?

Arrow Recap Season 5

This week on The CW’s Arrow, a new Vigilante (with a capital V) got Oliver to questioning his efficacy, but he found reassurance in a new (ahem) “friend.”

As if being vexed by Prometheus isn’t enough, this week the team got wind of a new costumed crimefighter, dubbed Vigilante. (Zero points for creativity; where’s Cisco when you need him?) Of course and understandably, the mystery man’s M.O. stirred some debate among Team Arrow, seeing as he’s  removing “scumbags” from existence. But Oliver argues that his colleagues can’t have it both ways, having recently roasted his nuts for playing “judge, jury and executioner” during his days as the Hood.

When “ski goggles” targets and starts picking away at a crew of bank robbers, Team Arrow eventually gets the idea to pose as the thieves and draw out their prey. Vigilante gains the upper hand on Curtis, though, and holds Mr. Terrific at gunpoint in the name of scoring some quality time with Green Arrow. Vigilante contends that there is a “war” to be fought, and Green Arrow must not have lost somebody or else he’d be fighting dirtier. Oliver, though, counters that he has lost almost more than he can bear, and that he is well aware of the “war” — but he is resolved to fighting it “the right way” (as encouraged by reporter Susan Williams over their first drinks together).

Having stated his case and tied up Vigilante, Oliver goes to unmask his new foe… only to be repelled by an explosive, allowing the guy to get away. As for Prometheus, he is MIA for nearly the entire episode… save for the very final scene, where he meets up with Evelyn aka Artemis, on a rooftop. “Nobody followed me,” the teen assures him. “They don’t suspect a thing.” 😮 Yes, the one with a mole is a mole.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Presented with his resignation as well as the truth about his staying far off the wagon, Thea pays Quentin a visit at his apartment, where he comes clean about his blackouts and the bloody hands/throwing star he recently woke up to. Is he being mind-effed by Prometheus? Whatever the case, he’s “damaged goods,” but Thea refuses to write him off so easily. Instead, she leads him to a proper rehab facility, assuring him that the deputy mayor gig will wait for him while he makes Laurel proud by drying up. Thea later loops in Oliver on everything, leading her brother to surmise that Prometheus knows Green Arrow’s true identity.

* In the course of shaking down the crew of bank robbers, we (and Oliver) saw Adrian Chase get a bit hot, revealing that he has “been to hell.” Hmmm.

* Diggle was very much on edge this episode, because, as he revealed to Curtis and Rene, he was missing J.J.’s second birthday, being he’s on the lam and with U.S. Marshals camped outside his home. But in a  truly delightful scene, Diggle is working the bags really hard at the lair when Rene surprises his mentor with a visit from J.J. and Lyla.

* After the grueling events of this week, Oliver sneaked out for a midday date with Susan.

* In flashbacks, Kovar pressed Oliver about his agenda in Russia, and how it relates to island girl Taiana. Kovar gobsmacks his “guest” by revealing that Taiana’s mother is his housekeeper, that he gave her a job when her children went missing. “The truth is about perspective,” the Russian attests, before dropping another bombshell on Oliver: the Bratva has merely been “using” him. Oliver brushes off the suggestion and briefly holds Kovar at knife point on his way out of the place, but one Ivan Drago-caliber beatdown later, he is presented with the hard truth: Bratva is playing him.

* Bulletproof blanket arrow!!!

What did you think of the episode “Vigilante”?

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