The Voice Predictions: Who's at Risk on Top 12 Results Night?

The Voice Top 12 Predictions

Can pollsters and prognosticators be trusted in the wake of last Tuesday’s presidential election?

That’s up for you to decide, but when it comes to the question of “Who’s going home on The Voice this week?”, history tells us we can put at least a little faith in the iTunes charts.

Granted, downloads are only one component of the elimination equation — there’s also online, Facebook and Voice app votes to consider — but over the last several seasons, with only a few exceptions, those at or near the bottom of the sales chart have found themselves fighting for a Twitter save.

With that in mind, it’s a tad surprising that one of the three lowest-ranked vocalists among TVLine readers (Josh, Sa’Rayah and Courtney),  wound up near the top of the sales pack at the close of voting. And that could make for a painful elimination at the end of the results telecast (8/7c on NBC).

This week, there’ll be a Bottom 2, an instant save, and only one elimination.

Let’s make some educated guesses about who’s at risk:

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
16. Wé McDonald, “Take Me to Church”
24. Billy Gilman, “The Show Must Go On”
25. Ali Caldwell, “Did I Ever Love You”
36. Josh Gallagher “Why”
37. Sundance Head, “My Church”
57. Brendan Fletcher, “Whipping Post”
68. Christian Cuevas, “The Scientist”
79. Austin Allsup, “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man”
93. Darby Walker, “Ruby Tuesday”
107. Courtney Harrell, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
157. Aaron Gibson, “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”
Ranked below the Top 200. Sa’Rayah, “Livin on a Prayer”

Given that we’re still pretty early in the season, we haven’t yet reached the phase where multiple contestants are jammed into the iTunes Top 10 — and therefore qualify for the 5x votes multiplier. That said, if you’re in the Top 50 or 60, you can be fairly certain Carson Daly will scream your name to safety in about eight hours. So enjoy your lunch and breathe easy, Wé, Billy, Ali, Josh, Sundance and Brendan.

Christian and Austin, meanwhile, find themselves at Nos. 68 and 79 — far enough down the chart that there’s a small chance of trouble. Remember, early in the season when votes get spread out among a dozen artists, a trainwreck performance can activate fanbases via fear and sympathy — leaving vulnerable those middle-of-the-pack players who haven’t gotten huge prior hype or built solid voting blocs.

Still, based on Sa’Rayah’s inability to crack the Top 200, along with her early-in-the-lineup position on Monday, she’s a safe bet for the Bottom 2. Who’ll be duking it out against her for their competitive survival? iTunes tells us Aaron — but never underestimate the online voting sway of a male rocker. Courtney, meanwhile, has an inspiring backstory — and Coach Blake in her corner. If I were betting, I’d say it’ll be Darby who completes the Bottom 2.

Bottom 2: Sa’Rayah and Darby
Most Likely to Be Eliminated: Darby

Who do you think will and should be Bottom 2 this week? Who’s your pick to go home? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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