The Flash Recap: Wally Whirled

The Flash Recap Season 3

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Wally West had his speedster fate dangled before him, Caitlin confided her secret and a frightening new threat surfaced.

For a show about speed, this particular episode seemed to draaaaaggggg until the final act — and even then, the directing of the climactic sequence was so frantic (and CGI-heavy), it was hard to get a grasp on what (and who) was happening. So, forgive if I flub any (perceived) facts.

Setting the hour in motion, Wally was having dreams of being “Kid Flash,” so Barry decided to come clean about the other timeline, where he was in fact Central City’s resident hero (and sister Iris assisted him). Everyone — Joe especially — had reservations about Wally pursuing that path, seeing as it’d mean getting in bed with Doctor Alchemy. Lest said baddie get his mitts on Wally, everyone agreed with H.R. to lock him up in the Pipeline.

Yet even there, Alchemy was able to mess with the lad’s mind, creating great pain — to the point that Iris unlocked the door. Wally then tried to make a run for it, but his sister laid him out like a deck of cards. The team then took Wally’s idea to use him as bait, accompanying him to Alchemy’s lair inside an abandoned subway station. Once Wally came face-to-beak with the baddie, the team sprung their trap, rounding up the assorted robed “disciples” in the room. But then someone/thing, leaving a trail of lightning, entered the fray, distracting Barry and making him vulnerable to (what I will call) a zapper stone in Alchemy’s hand.

Joe eventually used a ray gun on Alchemy, forcing loose his zapper stone. Though seemingly bested, Alchemy warned Barry & Co., “You have no idea whats about to begin.” And sure enough, just as Wally gives into temptation and grabs Alchemy’s zapper stone to find his “power,” Barry is assaulted and pinned against the rafters by a large, metallic being. “I am Savitar, the god of speed,” it growled while flicking open a Wolverine-like blade from its fist. Wally, meanwhile, turned into… a pillar? [Shrug]

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Caitlin confided in Cisco that she has cold powers, then begged him to “vibe” her future — where he saw himself, as Vibe, battling her, as Killer Frost. Cisco at first fibbed that he saw nothing, but eventually came clean. He also shared Caitlin’s secret with the rest of the team, initially infuriating her, though she later apologized for her outburst. (Anyone else think that Vibe is actually the villain in that vision, and Caitlin is trying to stop him?)

* Upon learning that Earth-One’s Harrison Wells is a confessed killer, H.R. uses his handy facial transmogrifier to make him look his Earth-19 partner Randolf Morgan to the rest of the world, so he can freely step outside — to, say, flirt with Joe’s new girlfriend Cecile at movies-in-the-park.

* The rather meaningless Meta of the Week was dubbed “Shade.” I hope that actor wasn’t planning on having any lines.

* Julian has a girlfriend (or at least claims to). Earth-19 has “many” sentient gorillas a la Grodd. Those two facts are not related.

What did you think of the episode “Shade”?

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