Gilmore Girls Revival: Lauren Graham Previews Meaningful, Much-Needed 'Healing' Between Lorelai and Emily

ggOne of TV’s most complicated, strained mother-daughter relationships is about to turn a corner.

In Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, (out Friday, Nov. 25) the death of patriarch Richard (the late Edward Hermann) promises to shine an even brighter spotlight on the decades-long divide ebtween Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Emily (Kelly Bishop). And as Graham tells it, it leads to some of the revival’s richest moments.

“The healing that happens between Lorelai and Emily is such a long time coming,” the actress told me during our on-camera interview. “And because Richard’s absence is such a big part of our story, it really meant a lot to me to grow their relationship a little bit.”

Graham then adds with a laugh, “Not too much. But a little bit.”

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