Watch Big Brother Contestants Find Out Who'll Be President — Two Days Later

Big Brother Video Election Donald Trump President

Everybody knows who won Tuesday’s presidential election — everyone, that is, except the six people left on Big Brother.

The current season — Big Brother: Over the Top, available to stream on CBS All Access — is the first of the long-running reality series to take place during a presidential election. And as usual, the contestants are sealed up in a house together, with no access to news from the outside world. So it was up to host Julie Chen to tell them about Donald Trump’s shocking victory… two days after the rest of us watched it happen.

In the clip below, which aired live on Thursday, the six remaining contestants gather as Chen briefs them on the results: “It’s pretty safe to say you are the only six people in the country, maybe the entire world, who do not know who won.” After they beg her to tell them, she delivers the news: “The next president of the United States will be… Donald Trump.”

Safe to say, the contestants are more stunned by this than any out-of-the-blue elimination. Shelby can’t believe what she’s hearing: “What the f–k happened while we were in here?” Danielle reminds them that she told them the majority of voters are “older white Republican males.” And after lamenting, “Gay people, where were you? Minorities, where were you?” Jason asks, “Can we just stay in here for the next four years?”

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the shocked reaction of the Big Brother contestants, then give us your take in the comments.

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