Arrow Recap: Star Wars — Has Prometheus Been Revealed?

Arrow Recap Season 6

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Prometheus drove home his point in taunting the Emerald Archer, Felicity spilled a secret and, in flashbacks, Oliver finally came face to face with his target.

On the heels of Prometheus icing Tobias Church (and then taunting Green Arrow with a fiery “So It Begins” message), Oliver and Diggle set out to learn more about their adversary, while keeping the recruits in the dark. But when Prometheus targets a random mom followed by someone else, news breaks — courtesy of Oliver’s girlfriend Susan Williams — that a “Star-Throwing Killer” is terrorizing the city.

Team Arrow is irked that they’ve been kept out of the loop — and then downright spooked by what comes next: the discovery that the “random” victims’ names are in fact anagrams for the lawyers, bankers and other white-collar nogoodniks that were on Ollie’s original “kill list.” Rene shrugs off the news, while Evelyn is most affronted, seeing Oliver as a hypocrite for forbidding her vengeance against her parents’ killer.

When Felicity and Curtis match up other “kill list” names to a half-dozen possible Star City residents, the team members split up to scout out each situation. Aboard a subway train, Evelyn winds up scuffling with (and slashing the right forearm of) Prometheus, before Oliver intervenes with an explosive arrow, scaring off their prey. Oliver, Evelyn and Prometheus’ target then float out of and away from the rigged-to-explode train, via the suspect physics of a parachute arrow.

At episode’s end, as Rene, Rory, Curtis and Evelyn head into a music festival that Thea threw together in a highly speedy manner, Felicity arrives with alarming intel on the throwing star she pinched from boyfriend Billy: it’s made from melted-down old arrows of Oliver’s. Meaning, Prometheus has access to the SCPD evidence locker. And on that note, we cut to Lance waking up from his latest bender to discover a gash on his right forearm, and a throwing star in his possession!

Elsewhere in the hour:

* After seeing Oliver get called on the carpet for not being forthright with the recruits, Felicity opened up to Billy about her job working for Green Arrow. His reaction went from shocked to impressed to all-out fanboy, peppering her with 100 questions that she needed to hush with a kiss.

* Susan reminded Mayor Handsome that “the clock is ticking” on not just the month-long free ride she is giving him as a reporter, but the number she slipped him(/Human Target).

* Yep, Quentin has been off the wagon this whole time. Never climbed back on, even after scoring the deputy mayor gig.

* If Evelyn is in fact just 17, the director needs to tell her not to look at Oliver the way she does during heart-to-hearts, yes?

* In flashbacks, Oliver went “full douche/playboy Oliver Queen” to pose as an investor on Konstantin Kovar’s new casino. He got caught and KO’d in the midst of planting a bomb, though, and woke up to find Kovar (Rocky IV‘s Dolph Lundgren) prattling on about turnip farmers or something. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” the hulking Russian told his captive.

What did you think of “So It Begins”?

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