That's So Raven Spinoff: Meet Raven's 'Confident' Psychic Daughter and 'Young Donald Glover'-Type Son

That's So Raven Spinoff

New details are beginning to trickle in about Disney Channel’s upcoming That’s So Raven spinoff, and it sounds like the apple isn’t falling far from the Baxter family tree.

TVLine has learned that casting is currently underway for Raven’s daughter Nia, a tween described as “bold, confident and driven,” although those positive qualities “often get her in over her head.” Despite taking things too far, Nia always has the best intentions; she “believes in helping people and doing what’s right, even if it gets her into trouble.” (Gee, does that sound like anyone else we know?)

When the series begins, Nia is just starting middle school, a difficult transition made even more complicated by the fact that — wait for it — she’s suddenly having psychic visions.

Nia’s younger brother Booker is described as being a sweet, naïve mama’s boy — a “true innocent who is in no rush to grow up.” That said, once he’s aware of a situation, “he’s surprisingly adept at turning the tables and standing up for himself.” Casting directors are specifically looking for a “young Donald Glover” type.

As previously reported, the spinoff will find Raven-Symoné reprising the role of Raven Baxter, now a divorced single mother. Raven recently posted this photo of herself, hard at work on the new show:

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