Fox News' Election Night Coverage Upstaged by 'Chandy' the Chandelier

Fox News Chandy Chandelier

Step aside, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly — there’s a new star at Fox News. She’s bold, she’s sassy, she’s Chandy the Digital Chandelier!

OK, let’s start at the beginning: The cable news network installed a “digital chandelier” in its studio for election night — a large, circular screen designed to offer various updates throughout the evening — which hung above the anchors, devil may care. It wasn’t until an hour into the network’s coverage that we learned of Chandy’s true purpose: to spread chaos.

“That chandelier scares me,” Baier admitted during a visit from The Five gang. Upon realizing he had somewhat interrupted guest Monica Crowley, Baier insisted, “I was listening, Monica. I really was.”

(For the record, no one would blame Baier for getting distracted. We’ve all seen I, Robot. We know what the machines are capable of.)

Chandy was also used as a scapegoat several times throughout the night: Kelly accused the chandelier of getting in the way of another screen she was looking at, while another anchor suggested that Chandy was to blame for a momentary audio snafu.

Kelly addressed the studio’s expensive makeover early in the night as a response to Karl Rove’s use of a white board and black markers to explain the electoral process: “I believe that the studio costs $39 million — and this is all we needed. We could have done it for 12 dollars.”

Fun fact: Chandy was also the name of a character Chandler invented to sleep with Joey’s imaginary wife in a Season 2 episode of Friends. Behold: