Trump Wins: AP Projects Donald Trump as Winner of 2016 Presidential Election

Hillary, you’re fired: Donald Trump is projected to become the 45th President of the United States.

The Associated Press made the call at 2:31 am ET early Wednesday morning after projecting Trump as the winner of Wisconsin, a key swing state with its 10 electoral votes, giving him the 270 needed to clinch the presidency.

(Trump’s opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, trailed with 218 electoral votes, with several states still too close to call.)

Trump’s win marks the end of an unusually bitter presidential campaign, which began more than a year and a half ago when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy back in April 2015. She held off a primary challenge from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, while Trump emerged from a crowded Republican field of more than a dozen candidates to claim that party’s nomination.

Trump’s celebrity status and headline-making rants stoked interest in the 2016 election, driving ratings for the three Clinton-Trump debates to record highs. (The first debate drew a Super Bowl-esque 84 million viewers.) The election also boosted Saturday Night Live, which hit an eight-year premiere high thanks to Alec Baldwin’s parody of Trump.

Still to come tonight this morning/later today: Trump’s acceptance speech from the New York Hilton, and a concession speech from Clinton, who didn’t join her campaign’s victory party at New York City’s Javits Center. (She did call Trump to concede after the AP call.)