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Notorious Boss Talks Sarah's Killer Reveal, What's Next for Jake and Julia

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Notorious fans were rewarded for their patience on Thursday with an answer to the question plaguing them since the pilot: Who really killed Sarah Keaton?

As some fans guessed, it was indeed Sarah’s brother Alan — though they never could have guessed that he was also the father of her child, the result of a horrific (not to mention incestuous) sexual assault.

“It wasn’t just to shock viewers,” series creator Josh Berman tells TVLine of the morbid reveal. “It felt like the story was grounded, and we believe the twist makes sense. It’s dark, but the two incidents — the rape and the later murder — are connected organically.”

“Jake will certainly be affected by his ordeal,” Berman adds. “He’s already suspect of our judicial system, and now he will be even more so. He’s the champion of the underdog, the person he feels is getting a raw deal by the courts and the judicial system. So he’ll be driven even further to fight for his clients and make sure they’re getting a fair crack at justice.”

Read on for more insight from Berman, as well as a taste of what the next few episodes have in store for Jake and Julia:

TVLINE | Now that Oscar is behind bars, are we done with his story? Have we seen the last of Kevin Zegers?
We love Kevin, and we’ve already spoken about ways to bring him back. He’s a great foil to Jake.  In some ways, they’re similar, but in others they couldn’t be more different. I’m quite certain they’d never reconcile, but I can see Oscar being a thorn in Jake’s side moving forward.

TVLINE | Is this new Dana Hartman-related mystery going to replace Sarah’s murder as an ongoing subplot?
Yes, the murder  of who killed Johnny becomes our next mini-arc, but it will be resolved much quicker than the Oscar Keaton case. Melina Kanakaredes is on board for four episodes, but we hope to get her for more. She’s amazing. The story is sexy and salacious, but also grounded in real stories that Mark Geragos and Wendy Walker shared with us. [Editor’s note: Jake and Julia are based on Geragos and Walker.] I think the viewers will quickly get wrapped up in this new mystery.

TVLINE | Jake and Julia’s relationship is another mystery. I feel like they’re too flirty to be “just friends.” How would you describe their connection?
They’re best friends, and they’re obviously attracted to each other, but the importance of their professional relationship is such that neither would want to cross the line. It’s inspired by the real relationship between Mark and Wendy. They have such fantastic chemistry, but I don’t believe they’ve ever slept together. (They won’t say one way or the other!)

TVLINE | Might future episodes delve into a possible romantic connection?
Yes, there are some very organic moments coming up quite soon that speak to their romantic entanglement and future.

TVLINE | Switching gears a bit… When ABC trimmed Notorious‘ episode order down to 10, did that change your trajectory at all?
No, ABC has been very clear to us that they could order more episodes. This was a scheduling issue. We’re not striking our sets, and we’re ready to go as soon as the network tells us they want more episodes.

TVLINE | Let’s say ABC doesn’t renew the show for a second season — will viewers be left with a million questions, or will Episode 10 provide some closure?
Episode 10 will provide a lot of closure, and it will answer a bunch of questions. But as in life, nothing is ever wrapped up in a bow.

TVLINE | Generally speaking, what can we expect from the rest of the season?
I think the remaining episodes are the best ones yet. They’re exciting, drawn from real life headlines and stories, and very satisfying both from a story and character stand-point. I’m really excited to see viewer response to the next batch of episodes.

Be honest: Did you guess Sarah’s killer? And what are your hopes for the rest of Notorious‘ first season? Collect your thoughts, then drop ’em in a comment below.

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