World Series Criminal Minds Repeat

Criminal Minds, Blindspot, SVU Pulled Opposite World Series Game 7

CBS has pulled this week’s original episode of Criminal Minds from Wednesday’s schedule, with Fox’s well-watched World Series serving up Game 7, TVLine has confirmed.

Similarly, NBC has replaced tonight’s slate of original Blindspot, Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. episodes, in favor of a pair of SVU repeats (this season’s first two episodes) followed by a P.D. rerun (“Made a Wrong Turn”).

CBS’ Survivor and Code Black will still air new episodes.

Having drawn north of 20 million viewers for the past two games, baseball’s Fall Classic’s clincher is projected to possibly draw an audience of 30 to 35 million.

The originally scheduled Criminal Minds episode was to “officially” mark the beginning of Aaron Hotchner’s extended special assignment for the Director, seeing as Thomas Gibson initially was written out for just Episodes 3 and 4, in the wake of an on-set altercation with a writer/producer. (Soon after, however, the original cast member’s permanent exit was announced.) Airing in its place will be a repeat from a year ago, “Target Rich.”

CBS previously swapped in a slate of repeats on Tuesday night, when the World Series stretched to Game 6.

ABC’s live broadcast of the 50th annual CMA Awards will air as planned, while The CW at this time is planning to stick with original episodes of Arrow and Frequency.

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  1. Glad we got notice, rather than being surprised when trying to watch NCIS last night, only to find out my DVR had recorded a repeat! :( lol

    • mamafoxof3 says:

      Yea, I was very confused when I went to watch my DVR and discovered that all 3 shows on CBS were repeats. Took me until this morning to figure out why.

    • ginar369 says:

      I was going to watch NCIS tonight thanks for the heads up that the DVR has a repeat!

    • Mad Hobbit says:

      yes I was wondering why the repeat also, they hyped Robert Wagner in all the ads before the show,then a repeat,at first I thought it might be due to storyline similar to a real event,like about a high school shooting the same day a real high school had a shooting.I completely understand if something like that is the case.I wonder if Scorpion will be pulled Monday. The storyline is about voting fraud,the day before real life elections?

  2. amanda says:

    Is Code Black a repeat or is it airing new this week?

  3. LADY_in_MD says:

    Oh come on not all of us are into baseball! I was looking forward to this weeks blindspot atleast there would have been something to watch since all the fox shows will now be pushed another week

  4. Nate says:

    Are they still planning to air a new episode of Survivor or has that been pulled as well?

  5. flowerduh says:

    Damn sports! Man! My favorite shows have to be rescheduled because of some damn sport! For most people this game is a big deal. But this is the day and age of DVR. So there’s no need for shows to be postponed to later dates. Especially for the people who don’t give a damn about a freaking baseball game!

    Not a troll. Just stating an opinion.

    • ToyCannon says:

      Can’t DVR everything. Watching the game live and DVR’ing the CMAs and Arrow. Would not have been able to DVR Blindspot tonight.

    • grazelled says:

      Nothing new next Tuesday either with the elections so no new shows until 11/15 for Tuesday. So not looking forward to the 8th.

    • Dysturbed says:

      Your opinion that it stinks is understandable, and I would have liked to have not waited the extra week either, despite the fact that I will watch the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are being postponed with good reason.

      Networks don’t spend money on shows just to be kind. Like any business, they need compensation in return, and that comes from ads. The luxury of dvrs may help us skip ads and watch shows at our leisure, but they also cost the networks money which is why live viewing is so important to them. With that in mind, since more viewers are unlikely to watch each of the postponed shows live compared to normal weeks, there IS a need to postpone them for the week.

  6. Sarah says:

    I’m so happy NBC decided not to show new Blindspot. I really didn’t want it to go fractional.

  7. Samuel says:

    good idea but I am seriously getting fed up with this now.

  8. Annie says:

    Thanks for this, i was really excited about show episodes this week, but will ahve to wait another week for Lethal Weapon, Blindspot, CPD, criminal minds and SUV, and now just realised i have to many shows on wednesdays and none of them will air tonight. LOL

  9. Scott says:

    So the only like script new episode airing tonight is Code Black? Not sure that is a wise decision from CBs to air the show tonight.

  10. Angela says:

    Add me to the list of people annoyed about the postponement-as others noted, not everyone out there cares about sports (me included). But it is nice to hear this in advance, and if it does somehow help spare shows any potential dip in ratings in the process, then hooray for that, at least.
    And at least those of us whose favorite shows are being postponed tonight only have to wait until next Wednesday to watch them. I feel bad for people whose favorite shows were delayed last night. They’ll have to wait two weeks to watch them, thanks to the election next Tuesday.

    • herman1959 says:

      There will be a lot of angry viewers tonight who don’t check with tvline or another site. I think the shows should be aired as scheduled, low ratings should be explained by the World Series Final…oh, is this a Sweeps month?

  11. Butch says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is. It just means somewhere down the line there will be one less rerun. Perhaps there will be two new episodes in December when they were only planning on one. With a 22 episode season there are 30 weeks a year without a new episode.

  12. Good move by NBC and CBS and the CW

  13. Pia says:

    Is this what happened to Jane the Virgin on Monday? When I checked my TiVo yesterday it said it didn’t record because it was no longer in the guide.

  14. MMD says:

    Thanks for the notice. :-) I have changed my dvr accordingly. I was so annoyed when the Tuesday shows were pulled as it is my only escape from the damn election.

  15. Kevin says:

    Just like what CBS’ Tuesday night line-up did, the same couldn’t be said about Wednesdays because it’s the seventh and final game of the World Series (GO CUBS!!).

  16. Chris Myers says:

    Just for curiosity, when did CBS make the call on repeating NCIS ? (I found out before 11 thanks to Pauley Perrette’s twitter)

  17. HAP says:

    Never thought a series between Cleveland and Chicago would be such a draw. Not like Dodgers-Yankees.

  18. Thekid says:

    The other networks know the World Series is going to dominate the night for FOX.Why air a nrwnew epi

  19. Jared says:

    All I wanna do when I get home from work is to watch Arrow and Frequency. I hope the CW doesn’t pull the new episodes.

  20. Joe R says:

    NBC’s website is still showing an all-new lineup tonight. You’d think they’d change their own site before putting out a press release. Now I’m worried they changed theirs minds BACK. I guess I’ll DVR just in case.

  21. Becky says:

    I won’t have to worry about missing anything when I watch the CMA Awards then!

  22. Pam Good says:

    Some of us don’t like baseball it’s not fair to pull shows we look forward to seeing g

  23. kmw says:

    Smart move. That baseball game will crush anything else that’s on

  24. N says:

    Rectify is on tonight
    Cubs haven’t won since 1908!

  25. peegee says:

    Next Tues expect the same for election coverage . Stock up on your recordings

  26. s says:

    Chicago Fire did not bad at all and This is Us did very well last night!
    This is a bummer.
    Well do that mean that we get one extra week of episodes this month or in December? Most shows stop the week before American Thanksgiving.

  27. Don’t believe it regarding their assertions concerning NBC4 (NYC) they are indeed airing what was said last week,

  28. Mary Kelly says:

    Wed. Game #7 in World Series, and CBS is not moving Survivor to 9,Code Black at normal 10:00 sinse Criminal Minds will be a repeat..Hell, drop the repeat CM,move up Survivor. Hopefully the game will be over by 8 pm pst.

  29. jj says:

    Guess I will tuning into Netflix or Hulu. Baseball sucks!

  30. Sherri smith says:

    Not everybody is into baseball. U should have left schedule as is. This is one of the BEST nights to watch TV. I’m Very disappointed for the reasoning of the changes.

  31. Cynthia A. Dunlap says:

    I do not mind the changes, but a little advance notice would have been nice.

  32. bill says:

    OK so when is the new episode of blinds pot gonna be on

  33. Not everyone is a baseball fan!!!!! How can they pull all the new episodes because of a ×××××× baseball game!!! Makes me want to boycott CBS!!!!! We wait all summer for the new episodes and then at the very last minute they pull the episode they have been previewing all week. Too bad CBS doesn’t care about the little people that support them all year during re-runs!!!!!!

  34. Sheri says:

    I am not a baseball fan. I have waited for tonight’s episode since last week. Criminal minds doesn’t compete with baseball.

  35. Dawn Page says:

    :(Very disappointed that Blindspot wasn’t on Wednesday night. Sucks.

  36. mandy says:

    This is bull for everyone that watches theses shows. I watch all that was changed and am very upset. You should have air the new episodes regardless.

  37. James says:

    Ugh, I was so excited about several shows this week (Scream Queens, Criminal Minds), only to see them pre-empted for stupid sports stuff. They should just not schedule new episodes when the World Series is being played if nobody can plan the games accordingly.

  38. donna totaro says:

    Thanks for the explanation but I’m still annoyed! I’m not a baseball fan so why pull my shows? Irritating – everyone has dvr’s or on demand so play shows as promised and baseball fans can just record their other favs

  39. Michael A Bero says:

    i was looking forward to those shows tonight my only night off and I hate Baseball. Sucks that they pulled it. What do you think a DVR was made for lol.

  40. monica says:

    I almost died! WTF??? I was anxious to see Blindspot and then that??? I had to google to find out what was the matter. Phew!!!

  41. Mike says:

    They might as well take criminal minds off too.. Not the same with out HOTCH..

  42. I’m OK with this. While the DVR folks would have still watched, there won’t be the commercials which is the ad revenue for a regular broadcast for those of us who watch it live. And, it wouldn’t be good to have a crappy Neilsen number up against the Series.

  43. Robin says:

    SOOOOOOO upset that they have not only taken away Derek but now Hotchner!!!! This has been my all-time FAVORITE show since day 1 and now this!!! I guess it’s time to find a new favorite show.

  44. I’m so glad CM decided to change their line-up. I’m a Cub fan so it I would have switching back and forth all night. The Cubs won and I still will be able to watch another great episode of this still great show.

  45. Elaine Dolentz says:

    I don’t like my favorite programs new episodes being replaced by reruns. I’m not a world series fan and I work evenings. Therefore, I record my programs to view after I get home and I’m extremely disappointed that I had to watch reruns. Let others record the programs as well. The world series may be a big deal for many, but there’s still lots of us who DON’T watch it and look forward to NCIS, NCIS L.O., BULL AND CRIMINAL MINDS!!

  46. Cheryl says:

    Majorly sucked for those of us that didn’t watch the World Series & were looking forward to our regular “new” shows

  47. Cheryl says:

    Was really excited & thought maybe CBS executives pulled their heads out of their butts and decided to keep Hotch but nope saw Derek & knew it was a rerun! Major suckfest! #teamhotch

    • Lizzie says:

      I wish that they would bring Hotch back, and maybe make the writer he kicked (or didn’t) just stay in a backroom during filming.

  48. Helen says:

    So WHEN WILL Criminal minds show for 11/2 actually be aired ?

  49. Joan Bode says:

    I believe Thomas Gibson should be returned to Criminal Minds. Anyone can and do have had days.
    Thomas Gibson had every right to request a line change. After all, he is the main actor in the show, and knows when a line should or should not be changed.
    The show lost a good actor when Derrick Morgan left. And now you are removing another good actor.
    Apparently, you want people to quit watching this great show.
    Please reconsider, and bring Tomas Gibson back.

  50. Clive says:

    I have found Blindspot confusing when re-runs are mixed into the new series