Trevor Noah's Daily Show Imagines Trump Victory in 2020-Set Episode

The Daily Show on Monday envisioned the result of a Donald Trump presidency, jumping ahead to the year 2020 to show what might happen during the former Apprentice host’s first term as Commander-in-Chief.

The episode, which is set to take place a week before the next presidential election, finds Trevor Noah breaking into his former Comedy Central studio to detail all the ways our country went to hell in a handbasket after voters allowed “650,000 of Anthony Weiner’s d–k pics” to impact their decision on November 8, 2016.

Among the events that occur within Trump’s first term, according to The Daily Show:

* To show his gratitude for “one d–k getting another d–k elected,” President Trump turns the Washington Monument into a gold-plated Weiner Monument.

* Hillary Clinton is sentenced to 15 years in prison at a new compound referred to as “Super Guantanamo,” along with “former vice president” Mike Pence.

* To avoid Trump’s America, the Obamas, along with Joe Biden, have relocated to Mars.

* Trump TV comes to fruition. Dubbed “TNN,” the Trump News Network is the only remaining cable news outlet after the “Trump-aganda” forces use newly enacted libel laws to shut down legitimate news media.

* Last Week Tonight host John Oliver gets deported in the middle of a segment on egg safety standards.

* Due to The Donald’s love of social media, Chris Hardwick is forced to host @Midnight 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch The Daily Show‘s highly inventive episode, then drop a comment with your critique.