Secrets and Lies Recap: Meet the Parent

Secrets And Lies Recap

Secrets and Lies finally threw its patient viewers a bone on Sunday, revealing the father of Kate’s baby — and offering a glimpse at the actor portraying that little bundle of drama.

Eric and Patrick followed Kate’s mysterious money trail back to her hometown of Boone, N.C., where they met her mother (who’s apparently not dead!), as well as her mom’s ex-boyfriend Jake, who got Kate pregnant when she was 16. A subsequent flashback also revealed that Kate recently spoke with Jake to see if he wanted to meet their son, whose name is Charlie (and is played by Days of Our Lives alum Cody Longo).

But Kate’s maternal history was only one of this week’s many bombshells. Here’s a rundown of everything else we learned:

* Danny’s former partner killed himself, and in his suicide note, he apologized for abusing Rachel.

* Danny is also considered a fugitive, as he skipped out on a trial mid-testimony. This led to Cornell getting a fun little ultimatum from her captain: “Either place that cop under arrest, or you’re suspended.”

* The whole Warner family apparently looks down on Melanie, a fact I somehow didn’t pick up on until this week, when Amanda basically told Patrick that his wife is a walking trash bag. (“We call ’em like we see ’em.”) My natural instinct is to side with AnnaLynne McCord in any major disputes, so unless I get some evidence of Melanie’s trash-baggery real soon, I’m just going to write the Warners off as a bunch of haters.

* Neil was forced to offer up an alternate alibi in the face of new evidence: He wasn’t getting stoned when Kate fell from the roof — he was boning Carly in his car. (But if that’s true, why did we see him getting re-dressed in his office?)

* But the biggest reveal of all cam when Cornell exclaimed to her captain, “My personal life is off-limits to you!” (Um… Since when does Cornell have a personal life?)

Your thoughts on this week’s Secrets and Lies? Any new theories? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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