Once Upon a Time Recap: Finding Nemo

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Hook’s relationship with Henry hit rough waters, while the Purely Evil Queen planted a… rather irresistible offer on Rumple.

Indeed, Hook’s decision to secretly pocket the magical Shears of Destiny didn’t keep for long. After being threatened by his mom’s pirate paramour with a boiled mackerel breakfast :-P, Henry bumped into the Evil Queen, who taunted her son with “the truth about dear ol’ dad” — by nudging him in the direction of the garage toolbox where Hook has (poorly) hidden the shears.

Hook quickly gleans that Henry learned his secret, then finds the lad down on the docks — where their icy argument is interrupted by the surfacing of the Nautilus submarine. Taken prisoner aboard the vessel, Henry asks if Hook was even going to ask Emma’s permission to use the shears to rob her of her Savior identity — plus, why does he even care, since he’s not even part of their family? Hook comes clean about how he killed his father long ago, and in doing so orphaned his kid brother, who had been named Liam. “I can’t ruin another family,” he explains.

In flashbacks, we learn that when Captain Nemo first tried to enlist Hook to join his crew — seeing as they shared similar pasts, having lost families and then sought revenge — it was revealed that his first mate was the orphaned Liam. When Liam discovered this himself, he made a run at Hook with a dagger, but Nemo stopped in his path and took the blade in his own belly.

Back in the present aboard the Nautilus, Henry warms up some toward Hook, then proves why it’s not smart to “never search the kid” — he’s got a lock-picking kit on him, which he uses the shears free them from their room aboard the sub. Hook promptly suits Henry up to flee the vessel, knowing there is only one deep-diving helmet. After Henry dives into the drink, Liam shows up with a dagger, hellbent on avenging A) his father’s murder and B) his father figure Nemo’s presumed death, but Hook suggests that the Nautilus‘ stop in the Land of Untold Stories paused things, so he might still be around. Liam, though, is having none of that and goes to kill Hook, but gets distracted when Henry returns, allowing Hook to gain the upper hand/hook. “You said you couldn’t ruin another family; neither could I,” Henry says of his decision to come back. Together, they agree, they will find another way to save Emma from her dire fate, and to that end sink the shears into the ocean, inside a chest.

Back on land, Liam awakens in the hospital, where Hook reunites  him with an alive Nemo, whom David had found bleeding in the forest earlier. Hook then confesses to Emma his deception with the shears, but she’s cool with it — “I would have done the same thing.”

Elsewhere in the hour:

* Belle went in for her first ultrasound, explaining to Snow her confusion about how — and whether — to involve Rumple in any of the process. After all, their son looked at Rumple with such hatred during her dream.

* Rumple meanwhile chided the Evil Queen for letting the Shears of Destiny fall into the wrong hands. She surmises that he is aiming to use them to somehow alter his own family’s fate, regarding Belle and their son. At episode’s end, the Evil Queen shows up at the pawn shop to plant a warm one on Rumple — proactively sealing their deal with a kiss, as she has retrieved the shears and is giving them back to him in trade for his help in her obtaining Snow White’s heart.

* Aladdin ultimately offered to help Jasmine bring Agrabah back to greatness, even though he is no longer a Savior, Thing is, she explains, Agrabah is no more, having been consumed by a sandstorm.

* The Charmings freed Jiminy Cricket from Zelena’s farmhouse!

What did you think of “Dark Waters” and the RumpleQueen (?) liplock?

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