Will Flash Restore Original Timeline? When Does the Big Bad 'God' Arrive?

Viewers of The Flash would be well advised to get comfortable in the current, re-revamped timeline, because it doesn’t sound like the original one will be restored any time soon.

“I’m not sure that we can [go back], given what we’ve established,” Arrowverse overlord Greg Berlanti said on Saturday at the EW PopFest. “If we’re not challenging ourselves and creating new territory and new obstacles for the characters, it’s less rewarding to watch and probably less rewarding [for the actors] to play.”

In this new timeline — which was born of Barry’s attempt to undo his “fixing” of the version in which his mother died, and features such wrinkles as a Joe/Iris rift, a mourning-his-brother Cisco and a Caitlin at odds with a frosty fate — The Flash has been battling the “sleeper” metahumans who are being awoken to their alt-destiny by the shrouded “Doctor” Alchemy. But as well previewed during the off-season, a second Big Bad — the speedster named Savitar — is on his way, to make his debut “very, very soon,” warned series lead Grant Gustin.

“He’s the god of motion,” Berlanti explained, “so Flash is up against his biggest foe yet.”

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