The Good Place Sneak Peek: Eleanor Gets Quizzed on Her Earthly Sins

The Good Place Kristen Bell NBC Video

Last week on The Good Place, Eleanor confessed that she doesn’t belong there. Now she has to face the music… or Michael, actually.

In this exclusive first-look clip from Thursday’s episode (NBC, 8:30/7:30c), a sheepish Eleanor gets interrogated by Michael about all the unethical actions she took while she was alive. And since Janet is still out of commission, Michael is forced to do this the old-fashioned way: with a notebook and pen.

He asks Eleanor if she committed any “serious crimes” like murder or arson. She says no. But then he moves onto more minor sins, like reheating fish in an office microwave (ew) or taking off your shoes and socks on a commercial airline (double ew). Michael even asks her if she ever paid money to go see “California funk-rock band” the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. (Ouch! What did Flea ever do to you, Michael?)

Eleanor says no to all of the above, but Michael still isn’t sure she belongs in the Good Place. Hmmm… is there any way to speed up that ethics training, Chidi?

Press PLAY on the clip below to get a first look at this week’s The Good Place, then hit the comments and share your thoughts.