The Flash Recap: Wells, Wells, Wells....

This week on The CW’s The Flash, amid an episode that was ostensibly about two new (if not particularly compelling or dangerous) metahumans, the team took a bold step in the name of shoring up its ranks.

Because while it’s fine and good that Harry paid us a visit from Earth-Two, the fact is that he and his daughter will need to go back, just as soon as Jesse gets a few more speedster lessons. Harry’s own solution: Go reel yourself in another Harrison Wells!

So after transmitting out into the multiverse a riddle/algorithmic cryptogram/intergalactic IQ test/”elaborate Help Wanted ad,” Harry, Cisco and Caitlin field video resumes from a wealth of Wellses, including one from the Old West and a French mime. The last candidate they look at, though, from Earth-19, seems to be a perfectly acceptable, smart and quite affable doppelgänger — and yet Harry declares “pass,” because his gut says it’s not the right guy for the job.

Ultimately, though, Harry gets past his feelings about “replacability” and helps the team bring over “HR.” Then, after a new round of goodbyes (and Harry’s warning to Cisco that someone else helped Barry get out of a mirror prison), the Wellses return to Earth-Two.

As for the actual drama of the episode, it revolved around Sam Scudder, an associate of Leonard Snart’s who years ago was about to get iced by Captain Cold when the particle accelerator exploded, turning him into a meta who can travel through mirrors. Sam’s girlfriend, Rosa, in turn acquired the ability to induce extreme vertigo. Reunited, the two have a run-in with The Flash and Jessie Quick, resulting in the former’s aforementioned “imprisonment.” But after getting (secretly) sprung (by Caitlin’s frosty touch), Barry traps Mirror Master with a Snart hologram and an infinite reflective loop, while Jesse KO’s Top.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Barry and Iris struggled again to let their romance blossom, this time stymied by Joe’s interruptions/the awkwardness of making out in front of “their” dad. Barry kinda sorta talks to Joe about it, but not to Iris’ satisfaction. In the end, Barry greets Iris at “movie night” with a hello kiss, then suggests it is time for him to get his own place — and Joe vehemently agrees.

* Also getting in some Disney Channel-chaste necking this episode were Wally and Jesse, once young Mr. West got past his jitters about diving into a long-distance relationship.

* After covertly using her icy touch to free Barry from his mirror prison, Caitlin returned home for a nice, hot shower… until the water stream and stall iced up, leaving her with a streak in her hair and purple lips. Is Killer Frost taking over?

* Yeah, so Snart is still, at the very least, “AWOL” in this Flash timeline — having gone off on a “trip with some friends,” as Oliver apparently told Barry.

What did you think of “The New Rogues” — and the new Wells?

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