Vampire Diaries Video: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley Attempt to Explain Sybil, Season 8's 'Religious Undertones'

We’re only one episode into The Vampire Diaries‘ final season, and it’s already a mind-screw — and not just for the viewers.

TVLine recently visited the show’s Atlanta set, where stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley did their best to explain the otherworldly control Sybil has over Damon and Enzo, and how that could shape the series’ remaining episodes. Needless to say, it was a struggle.

“This season is really about … the conclusion of what evil sins must these characters pay their dues for,” Wesley says, noting that the “religious undertones” are often lost on him as an atheist.

Somerhalder also shares some very kind words for his on-screen brother, while alluding to a scene the two recently filmed: “We’re so dialed-in with one another, we could look at each other and not have to say a word to know exactly what one another is thinking. … There’s something very special about a relationship like that, because you get to get deep very quickly. And I think the performance shows it.”

(Maybe if Damon and Stefan were as synced-up as Somerhalder and Wesley, we wouldn’t be in this Sybil mess in the first place!)

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