Face Off: All Stars Cast Revealed

Face Off All Stars Cast

Syfy has set a Tuesday, Jan. 24 premiere date for an “All Stars” Season 11 of Face Off, in which past contestants engage in elaborate, never-before-seen challenges as they battle it out for a coveted second chance at victory.

McKenzie Westmore will host the All Stars season, while Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page will serve as judges and Michael Westmore continues as contestant mentor. Special guests this season include director John Landis, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson, producer Suzanne Todd, director Marcus Nispel and stunt coordinator Jeff Wolfe.

Here is the full list of All Stars:
♦ Gage Hubbard (Season 1) Los Angeles
♦ Tyler Green (Season 6) Litchfield, Conn.
♦ Cat Paschen (Season 6) Los Angeles
♦ Niko Gonzalez (Season 6) Los Angeles
♦ Rachael Wagner (Season 7) Los Angeles
♦ Cig Neutron (Season 7) Los Angeles
♦ George Troester (Season 7) Los Angeles
♦ Keaghlan Ashley (Season 7) Los Angeles
♦ Stella Sensel (Season 7) New York
♦ Adam Milicevic (Season 8) Los Angeles
♦ Emily Serpico (Season 8) Orlando, Fla.
♦ Logan Long (Season 8) Salt Lake City
♦ Evan Hedges (Season 9) Boulder, Co.
♦ Ben Ploughman (Season 9) Los Angeles
♦ Jasmine Ringo (Season 9) Las Vegas
♦ Melissa Ebbe (Season 10) Milwaukee

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