Conviction's Daniel Franzese Previews the Fallout From Hayes' Latest Scandal — Plus: Watch an Exclusive Clip

Now that Hayes and Conner’s little “arrangement” has been exposed, Monday’s Conviction (ABC, 10/9c) will thrust Hayley Atwell’s character back into the spotlight  — and guess who’s going to be stuck shielding her from public scrutiny.

“I think Jackson learned a long time ago that he can’t control Hayes; she’s always going to do what she wants,” Daniel Franzese, who plays Hayes’ brother — and the manager of their mother’s Senate campaign — tells TVLine. “But I also think it’ll be fun to finally see her start to crack under pressure.”

As for what attracted him to this role — a decidedly more straight-laced character than we’re used to seeing him play — Franzese says, “I thought it would be interesting to play the first gay son of a president, and what that could mean, especially with all the judgment he must have faced from the public. There are a lot of things to talk about in the future, what that experience was like for him.”

“There’s some talk in upcoming episodes that brings us back into that world,” Franzese teases, “like Hayes talking about painting her toenails in the Oval Office.” (Editor’s note: I think some flashbacks are in order.)

Beyond that, Franzese is excited for us to explore the rest of the Morrison family tree: “I can’t wait to see, down the line, who ends up being our father. I think it’ll be very interesting — and very telling.”

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