Secrets and Lies Recap: 'Everybody's Lying!'

Secrets And Lies Recap

The hunt for Zach Florrick Liam reached a surprising conclusion on Sunday’s Secrets and Lies, and by the end of the hour, two more names had been added to the ever-growing list of murder suspects.

But first, let’s talk about Eric’s loose-cannon pal Danny: Not only did we learn his name this week (“Yeah, that was worth 10 Gs…”), but in the episode’s final moments, we also learned that he’s a damn detective!

The discovery was made after Eric lured Neil to his apartment for a beatdown, courtesy of Danny, whose missing daughter was friends with the hooker (yikes!) that Neil brought to John’s retirement party. (Man, when Neil mentioned his poor luck with women, he wasn’t kidding.)

Here’s a quick rundown of everything else we learned this week:

* First thing’s first: Liam is not Kate’s son. The reason she hired him, despite knowing that his résumé was totally “bogus,” is because she wanted to give a fellow Boone native a second chance. “I’ve done things I’m not proud of,” Kate revealed during Liam’s interview. People got hurt. … I’m a different person now.”

* Liam also didn’t kill Kate. Per his alibi, he was headed to the liquor store to pick up booze for Patrick, who’d been cut off from drinking at his father’s party by — wait for it — Kate!

* Speaking of Patrick and Kate, he wasn’t exactly thrilled when she cock(tail)-blocked him. “You’re just a guest in this family,” Patrick told her. “If you don’t start minding your own business, you’re going to get hurt.” That said, he got really defensive when Cornell implied that she believed he killed her — to the point where I have to ask: Could Patrick have had feelings for Kate?

* Amanda and her husband — is this the first we’ve heard of him, by the way? — have quietly separated. So quietly, in fact, that Eric had no idea until he caught his brother-in-law out with another woman. “You all think you’re so close,” Greg said of the Warner family, “but none of you ever really talk to each other.”

Any new theories based on this week’s big reveals? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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