Is Once's Seer Really Jafar? Should Rocky Horror Have Aired Live? Are Cisco and Winn Too Similar? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Lucifer, Jane the Virgin and Lethal Weapon!

1 | Which of SNL’s branded content sketches was worse: Burger King or Honda?

tv-qs-once-chalk2 | Is Once Upon a Time‘s Snow White using, like, giant sidewalk chalk on the blackboard here? (Perhaps a blind Mary Ingalls is among her students?) Also, the staff-wielding young seer that has visited Emma and now Jasmine is totally Jafar in disguise, akin to his big-screen masquerade as the old man, right?

3 | Should we just assume that everyone on Westworld is a robot, until proven otherwise?

4 | Has Masters of Sex so desensitized you to seeing naked bodies on TV that this week’s visit to the nudist camp seemed almost quaint? Also, isn’t it about time for Nancy and Art to quit the clinic?

5 | When is the last time Gotham’s Nygma told a riddle…? Also, was anyone else uneasy with carousing Jim and teen Bruce giving each other romantic advice?

6 | Are Supergirl‘s Winn and The Flash‘s Cisco essentially becoming the same person — fanboys who serve up comic relief as well as design and (handsomely) construct unprecedented tech in a matter of scenes?

7 | Did you get palpitations when it seemed like Jane the Virgin might go the amnesia route with Michael? And did Gina Rodriguez’s wig distract you during the season premiere’s flashbacks?

8 | Regarding Lucifer‘s highly entertaining Girls Night Out: When is the last time a non-Shonda show let four female characters just tv-qs-bull-flaghang out and gab, and not about boyfriend problems?

9 | Two questions for CBS’ Bull: Who wants to tell these rootin’-tootin’ Texans they’re flying the flag upside-down? And how did Jason’s notebook slip past CBS Standards & Practices? (Answer: just barely?)

10 | Is TVLine reader Vanessa right: Does Chicago Fire need a youthful firefighter? And as reader Mr. Sunshine suggests, is it time for a gay character to be added to the show?

11 | When Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pitted Ghost Rider versus Hellfire adjacent to a fireworks store, was there any doubt whatsoever — as Coulson himself even quipped — how the sequence would end?

This Is Us12 | How is it that the sight of This Is Us‘ shirtless, chiseled Jack wasn’t drawing more attention from all the suburban moms during the family’s big pool day? And sure, Kevin is a bit flakey, but would he really have gone into that important audition so woefully unprepared? (The “Miss Maine” mix-up was a blunder too far.)

13 | When Sue’s financial aid fell through on The Middle, couldn’t she or Mike have sought out a loan? Wouldn’t that have made more sense than Mike selling his half of the diaper business to foot tuition?

14 | Can we all agree that the real star of the final presidential debate was CNN’s impassioned, eloquent, BS-clobbering commentator Van Jones?

Arrow15 | Arrow viewers, what is this on reporter Susan’s wrist?! Also, is Ragman — with his mystical, sentient robe thingy — kind of a weird fit for the new team?

16 | On Lethal Weapon, how was there no physical fallout (ashes, remnants… anything) landing near Riggs and Murtagh in the pool after the bomb was shot in mid-air? And didn’t it look like the buddy-cop drama (as well as the hostage scenes on Quantico) filmed in Sterling Cooper & Associates’ pre-renovation offices?

17 | On Supernatural, was Lucifer’s burning face some of the most grotesque but striking imagery the show has done?

18 | After Sarah Baker’s great turn as Better Things‘ frustrated Mormon mom (and, of course, that awesome Louie guest role a while back), isn’t it time for her to get her own series?Rocky Horror Picture Show

19 | Would Fox’s Rocky Horror been better if it were broadcast live, instead of filmed? Or at least taped in front of a live audience of fans armed with all the midnight-screening props? And how is that Staz Nair wore far more modest metallic briefs than Chord Overstreet did years ago on teen-targeted Glee?

20 | Does the ambitiousness behind Legends of Tomorrow‘s CGI offset the sometimes partially baked (Nazi Stretch Armstrong?) results?

21 | Is it well past time to put a fork in that Volkswagen commercial, where “On the Road Again” is repeatedly interrupted?

22 | Why didn’t Lady Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke air this week? Wouldn’t it have maximized viral exposure for both James Corden and Gaga’s new album “Joanne,” which is out as of today?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!