The Walking Dead: Watch a Recap of All Six Seasons From… John Cleese?!

Need a quick refresher on the first six seasons of The Walking Dead? Help is on the way… from a very unlikely (and very British) source.

In the video above from the UK’s NOW TV, legendary comedian John Cleese of Monty Python fame narrates a four-minute recap of all the zombie carnage we’ve seen so far on AMC’s hit drama. And a perfectly timed recap, too, with Season 7 premiering this Sunday.

We know what you’re thinking: John Cleese, a Walking Dead fan?! Well, we’re still not sure he actually watches the show, but he certainly plays the part here, deftly hitting all the major plot points for Rick Grimes and company — with a healthy dash of dry British wit, of course.

Among Cleese’s best bits: his description of Rick as “essentially Clint Eastwood, but a bit more… sensitive” (over shots of Rick crying); his take on Glenn (“cracking chap, but can’t grow a mustache to save his life”); poking fun at the way Rick says “Carl,” which is more like “Corrrrallll”; referring to Michonne as “Slicey Magee” (ha!); politely calling the bloodthirsty Claimers “a rather uncivilized bunch”; and his wise observation that on The Walking Dead, “there are no safe places.” (We’ve learned that lesson a few times, haven’t we?)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Cleese’s hilarious take on The Walking Dead, then hit the comments to share your own observations on the first six seasons — and what the video left out.

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