The Flash Photos: Captain Cold Lives Again, Jesse Quick Suits Up and More

There is tons to look at in the latest batch of photos from Season 3 of The Flash.

For one, you’ve got the debut of Grey Damon (Friday Night Lights) and Ashley Rickards (Awkward) as the villain Mirror Master and his sidekick, Top.

What’s more, Wentworth Miller makes his first “post-mortem” appearance as Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, while Violett Beane suits up as “Jesse Quick.”

How is it that Snart resurfaces, given his Legend-ary and noble death this past spring? “It’s an origin story for Mirror Master and Top, and Cold’s role in that all makes sense when you see how he was brought back,” says EP Todd Helbing. (Miller, it was announced earlier this week, will return to Legends at midseason, when Captain Cold is revealed to be part of the Legion of Doom, alongside Damien Darhk, Eobard Thawne and Malcolm Merlyn.)

In The Flash‘s Oct. 25 episode, “The New Rogues,” Barry continues to train Jesse when Mirror Master appears on the scene and teams up with his old partner, Top, to seek out Leonard Snart and settle a score. Jesse is quick to join in the hunt for the baddies, but defies one of Barry’s orders, resulting in disastrous consequences.