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Supergirl EP Breaks Down [Spoiler]'s Rude Awakening, Cat Grant's Exit, Superman's Future and More

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Monday’s Supergirl bid a fond farewell to Kara’s Kryptonian cousin (for now) and left viewers with a million burning questions about the Girl of Steel’s pod pal — though I use the word “pal” loosely.

It’s too soon to say whether Mon-El will prove a friend or foe to Kara — whose throat he grabbed upon waking at the end of this week’s episode — but it sounds like we’ll have a heck of a time exploring the duo’s dynamic.

“How he and Kara come together by the end is, hopefully, pretty clever and interesting,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. “We’re going to explore in our universe the idea that Daxam and Krypton were sister worlds, but they didn’t really get along. There’s a lot of innate hostility that Mon-El and Kara have for each other simply because of their backgrounds.”

Read on for more Super scoop from Kreisberg…

SUPERMAN RETURNS? | We were all sad to see Tyler Hoechlin fly back to Metropolis after the Metallos’ defeat, but fear not: When asked if we can expect to see Superman again this season, Kreisberg replied, “We’re working on it. We’ll see.” (For what it’s worth, Hoechlin was also present at the screening, and seemed very interested in returning.) As for Clark Kent’s better half, Kreisberg said there are “no real plans” to introduce Lois Lane anytime soon, adding, “We’re happy we have Superman.”

THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG OFFICE | First thing’s first: You haven’t seen the last of Cat Grant. “We’re still trying to work out her schedule,” Kreisberg said of Calista Flockhart, who he hopes to have back for “as many [episodes] as we can get.” And although CatCo will function without its head for a bit, there will be no shortage of girl power this season. “The strongest ‘feminist’ thing about the show is Kara herself … and the challenges she’s presented with, and how she overcomes them, both physically and emotionally,” Kreisberg reminded reporters.

HORRIBLE BOSS | Kara’s excitement over her first official day as a reporter was quickly smothered by Snapper Carr (Cougar Town‘s Ian Gomez), her new no-nonsense boss. “Despite her not-exactly-warm personality … Cat is devoted to mentoring people,” Kreisberg said. “Snapper doesn’t give a crap. I think he believes in the written word, he believes in facts, and he believes in, ‘Are you good at your job or not?'” Kreisberg added that we should look forward to a particularly dismissive scene in which Snapper doesn’t even look Kara in the face.

JEREMIAH WAS A [SPOILER] | This week’s episode heavily implied that Cadmus might have done something to Kara’s adoptive father, but if you’re hoping for scoop beyond that, you won’t get it from Kreisberg. “We want to keep the mystery of who and what Jeremiah is alive,” he said. “He’s been under Cadmus’ control for the past 12 years. The Jeremiah we see might not be exactly what people expected, just to complicate the story for Kara and Alex. It’s too good to spoil.”

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes for Supergirl‘s future? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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