Secrets and Lies Recap: Heartbreak Motel

Secrets And Lies Recap

A lot of information was thrown at us during Sunday’s Secrets and Lies, but nothing as mind-blowing as this assertion from Eric’s father: “Cornell is a good cop. She’ll figure it out.”

Not only did that baseless statement prove that John didn’t watch even a second of Season 1 (#JusticeForBen!), but he also hasn’t been paying close attention to current events.

Here’s a rundown of everything we learned this week:

* Not only did Liam fabricate everything on his résumé, but Kate knew about it. Eric drew two possible conclusions from this: Either Liam killed Kate to keep her from ratting him out, or Kate knowingly hired Liam so she could be close with — wait for it — her son! (Dun, Dun, DUN!)

* Kate’s secret meetings with her ex-boyfriend weren’t romantic, as Eric feared; he was merely helping her install tracking software in her iPad. The reason they met at a cheap-ass motel was because Kate’s blackmailer’s drop point was across the street.

* Eric’s ex-girlfriend Lisa apparently (falsely) accused him of assault, resulting in him getting a restraining order against her. Curiously, Cornell offered to extend that order, giving Amanda reason to believe that Cornell might no longer consider Eric to be the only suspect.

* Though he swears he isn’t, John very much appears to be grooming Neil to take over for Eric. (But is it merely a precautionary measure, or part of a much more sinister plot?)

* And then there’s Danny, whose name I only know because TVLine broke the news of Kenny Johnson’s casting back in August. Known to Eric simply as ‘that guy who appears at the most inconvenient moments and won’t stop beating up my friends,’ Danny remained two steps ahead of Eric this week, showing up — gun in hand! — at the house of the girl who helped Liam sneak away from the party.

Your take on this week’s Secrets and Lies? Any new suspects on your list? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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