Once Upon a Time Recap: Mad Scientist

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This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, a “final twist” put Belle’s life in peril, all leading to a harsh truth for Regina.

Having learned that Hyde was sprung from his cell by the Evil Queen, Rumple showed up at the docks to cast a protection spell on the Jolly Roger — one that confined Belle to the ship as well (and screamed of being a bad idea). Hyde and the Evil Queen meanwhile made a beeline for Jekyll’s makeshift lab, to steal the serum the doc has been working on and then trash the place. When Rumple later shows up with Regina, Jekyll reveals that he kept a secret stash of the serum, which Rumple forces Regina to drizzle onto his Dark One dagger, for the sole purpose of dispatching with Hyde.

Jekyll is painfully predictable, though, so Hyde survives his stabbing by Rumple, because he had swapped out the serum sample earlier. Worse, he pulls Rumple’s dagger from his chest and uses it to compel the Dark One to take him to Belle. Once at the docks, Hyde points out to Rumple that he is not the monster to worry about. Rather, Jekyll — who “sought safe harbor” aboard the Jolly Roger after his lab got trashed — is plotting to kill Belle, as revenge for how years ago Rumple’s encouraging of Hyde resulted in their lady love Mary’s accidental death. Belle can’t leave the Jolly Roger when Jekyll attacks, and Hyde compels Rumple to stand idly by and watch the terror unfold, but Hook arrives to save the day, kicking Jekyll backward onto the business end of a harpoon. Hyde in turn also expires, leading Rumple to observe to Regina that the way to kill one’s doppelgänger (e.g. the Purely Evil Queen) is to kill the original.

Upon hearing that news, Emma assures Regina that she is stronger than Jekyll, and that they will find another way out of this. But Regina makes Emma promise that, in a reversal of their deal back in Camelot, if push comes to shove she will do whatever is necessary to protect their family.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* As part of her bid to reclaim normalcy, Snow White returned to teaching, where she now has an aide named Shareen. When the students (Huck Finn included?) don’t cotton to Snow’s old-school approach, Shareen tells of how the unnamed princess in her unnamed kingdom didn’t rise to the occasion in the face of an unnamed menace. Thus, Princess Snow should embrace who she is now versus her Mary Margaret days, and to that end she uses her bow and arrow to learn the students some physics. That night, the secretive Shareen meets up with the seer who weeks ago warned Emma of her dire fate. The young woman assures Shareen — aka Princess Jasmine — that the man she seeks is with the in Storybrooke, and that together they will find Aladdin.

* Henry and Violet? Going strong!

* The secret to David’s pancakes? Nutmeg.

* As part of his “fresh start,” Rumple switched to a sleek (and rather fantastic) new ‘do, earning kudos from both flavors of Regina. But even after Rumple explains to Belle how he sought out Jekyll back in the day because he hoped the serum would mask his growing feelings for the maid, she stands firm that no amount of lopped locks or “protection” will sway her in the wake of her latest scare aboard the Jolly Roger, one which resulted in so much “death and destruction.” After this umpteenth kiss-off, Rumple assures Belle that she will need him again, seeing as their child is going to enter the world with the mark of being the Dark One’s son. Belle says that won’t make her love him again. Aye, but necessity will, he counters.

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