Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Recap: Roamin' Times

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow opened Season 2 on Thursday with its sextet of titular heroes scattered throughout time, then closed with a new mystery and the threat of … doom.

Setting the Season 2 “reboot” in motion was Dr. Nate Heywood (played by Nick Zano), a historian/academic/self-described “time detective” who barges into Mayor Oliver Queen’s office with his theory that the “legends” are trapped in specific parts of the past, as evidenced by altered archival paintings, scriptures and what not. Nate brings this discovery to Oliver knowing that he is Green Arrow — having observed, as many frankly should have, that the “hood” showed up just when Oliver returned home alive — and thus he might want help his super friends. Especially since they seem to have vanished after the Germans detonated an A-bomb in NYC circa 1942, years earlier than should have been possible.

Tracking down the remarkably water-resistant Waverider at the bottom of the Atlantic, some 70 years after it was submerged, Oliver and Nate find Mick Rory “in stasis.” After rousing the giant from his slumber, Mick relates how in the wake of the Time Masters’ demise, the Legends took charge of correcting “aberrations” in the past, as enacted by an unknown entity. Mick’s narrative sets the stage for multiple flashbacks to amusing capers, during which the Legends try but fail to not use future tech (and or sex) during pivotal historical times. Once the Legends got wind of a “time quake” (aka a major aberration) in 1942, they ignored JSA member Hourman’s prime directive to never visit that period. Once there, they deduce that the Nazis must have kidnapped Albert Einstein and fast-tracked the A-bomb development — so they grab the horndog physicist first. When that doesn’t fix the aberration, they realize that Einstein’s wife/secret research partner had actually assisted the Germans against her will. That leads to first a dockside shootout, during which Sara’s thirst for revenge against Damien Darhk (for Laurel’s murder) goes unsated, and then an underwater chase, at the conclusion of which Rip elects to “time scatter” his shipmates and put wounded Mick in statis, just before steering the Waverider into the atomic missile’s path.

As a result, Ray landed in prehistoric times and Sara bewitched the Salem locals, for example, while Rip… therein lies the episode-ending mystery. For all the rescued Waverider crew has left for them from their captain is a video message seemingly full of sad resignation, but also his faith that they can continue their mission — with Dr. Heywood now pitching in, at Oliver’s encouraging.

The premiere closes back in 1942, where Damien Darhk expresses to his Nazi comrades not just his frustration but that of his partner — who then arrives in a flash to gut the failed Germans. “Hello, Eobard…,” Darhk says to Reverse-Flash.

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