Supergirl Season Premiere Recap: Kara and Superman's Excellent Venture

Supergirl Recap

In describing Supergirl‘s move from CBS to The CW — which was made official Monday with the Season 2 premiere — allow me to borrow a few words from Alex Danvers: “It’s kind of like the old place. Maybe better.”

Indeed, Monday’s premiere didn’t feel quite like Supergirl 2.0, as many thought it might, but rather Supergirl 1.5 — the same general show, but with a few noticeable additions (Superman!) and subtractions. (No more California sunshine for you, National City!)

Speaking of National City, when Clark Kent wasn’t busy charming the hell out of its citizens this week — Cat Grant all but dropped trou for the mild-mannered reporter, while Winn straight-up told the Man of Steel he looks “fantastic” — he was lending his cousin a hand, saving the passengers aboard the Venture spacecraft, which Lex Luthor plotted to destroy in order to murder his sister Lena.

Lex’s minion John Corben — a name which likely got your attention if you’re a DC Comics fans — struck again at Luthor Corp L Corp’s naming ceremony. And while the Super-cousins were busy keeping the entire building from collapsing, Lena proved she’s more than capable of holding her own, putting a bullet right through her brother’s hired assassin.

METALL…OH? | Desperate Housewives taught me to sense danger at the sound of Brenda Strong’s voice, so the moment she started speaking, I knew a twist was brewing. Sure enough, she welcomed John Corben to Project Cadmus — but not by the name he’d been using. “Long live Metallo!”

SUNKEN ‘SHIP | Sadly, the Venture wasn’t the only thing that failed to launch this week. After Kara’s first real date with James was cut short — what a waste of a musical getting-ready montage! — she told him she thinks they’re “best as friends.” Ouch! At least we all learned a valuable lesson this week: The only place darker than the Phantom Zone… is the friend zone.

Additional Thoughts…

* For two people determined to conceal their heroic identities from the public, Kara and Clark have no qualms about discussing their super exploits in the middle of a busy street at full volume.

* Speaking of Clark/Superman, how great is Tyler Hoechlin in this role? I think it’s a harder character to master than most people give it credit for; you need just the right balance of strength, sincerity and awkwardness to make it effective, and Hoechlin’s nailing all three — and having a lot of fun doing so.

* I appreciate Cat’s investment in Kara’s future, but if my boss gave me that same intense speech about shedding my persona and diving into the icy waters of life, I’d be really weirded out.

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